Porvair Sciences Supply Microplate assays for high-throughput screening. Porvair Sciences manufacture microplate products such as the 384 well plate, and they play a part in serving Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology with microplate solutions for all applications. Some of the solutions include sample preparation, high-throughput screening, as mentioned above, and these are all administered through the Porvair Sciences global distributor network.

Porvair Sciences supply the microplate assay plates, and they come in a selection of clear polystyrene bottom, glass-bottom and solid bottom assay plates which are designed for absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation applications.

With regards to the standard clear polystyrene bottom plates that Porvair Sciences supply, these have bases ‘0.4mm thick’ and they are – ‘moulded from highly polished tools to reduce flow lines, artefacts and scratches’ which ensures excellent results.

The Glass Bottom plates supplied by Porvair have been shown by leading research institutes to be unsurpassed for flatness, linearity and optical clarity. This means it is incomparable to others out on the market today. It is no wonder Porvair supplies a sparkling pure borosilicate glass which is 175µm thick with a flatness tolerance across the plate of +/- 15µm. With these measurements, you can achieve crisp and clear images every time.

Porvair Sciences explain what exactly assay plates are, they are flat cell culture plates consisting of multiple ‘wells’ which can be used as small test tubes. This microplate is considered a standard tool in both scientific research facilities and laboratories worldwide for clinical diagnostic tests. So, what exactly are assay plates? Well, they are used to inspect enzyme-linked immunosorbent, which is at the core of most human and animal diagnostic testing currently performed. For the term assay itself, it is used to describe the process of testing a substance or an object to determine its components.

Porvair Sciences give their outlook on how to get the most from your plate-based assays. They recommend you select the right test and the best tools — for example, assay plates, for the analysis. By choosing assay microplates optimised for the reagents, they explain that this is key to achieve high-quality data.

Also, they advise you on how to select particular assay plates. They believe the most effective and successful step to do before choosing between the different glass-bottom assay plate options is to look at their reflective property. For instance, maybe you require opaque assay plate walls that prevent well-to-well cross talk. Porvair suggests solid dirty plates if your assay involves – ‘scintillation, fluorescence and luminescence.’

Porvair state that high-throughput applications commonly use 96 well microplates (a measurement of 8 x 12), as a preferred screening format. This assay plate measures cell proliferation, binding interactions, enzyme activity. These assay plates are a favourite for a range of heterogeneous and homogeneous assays.

Furthermore, the assays which can be performed in their assay microplates vary from ‘scintillation and immunoassays to highly sensitive luminescence and fluorescence-based assay’. As well as analysing assays in 96 well assay plates, there are many developments in the process from full screening automation and miniaturising assays in high-density cell culture microplates.

You can contact Porvair Sciences Ltd today if you require more information about Microplates assays for high-throughput screening plate-based assays. You can call 02920 480720. Alternatively, you can email [email protected], or you can go online to their website and read about assay plates at https://www.microplates.com/assay-plates/.

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