Porvair Sciences has developed a range of units to meet the needs of ‘low, medium and high throughput laboratories for microplate sealing’. Fortunately, you can choose from many Microplate closures and Microplate sealing units online such as adhesive sealing film, heat sealers, heat sealing film, mat caps, mat cappers, and universal lids.

For instance, adhesive sealing film, how would this be useful in the laboratory? Well, adhesive seals have easy-peel tabs at each short side which makes it easier to seal microplates for transport and most importantly to prevent contamination and evaporation.

Porvair Sciences adhesive films come in a variety of formats, allowing for most applications. You can purchase the adhesive seals in a SealPlate adhesive film for PP or PS plates, and you will receive a pack of 100 with a seal thickness of 110um. Other sealing films available from the Microplates website include the ThermalSeal Standard PCR or PCR Sterile film, and many more.

Another unit available at Porvair Sciences is the heat sealers, specifically the thermal plate sealers. This is a very useful unit compared to the others developed, and this is because heat sealing has become the most popular option in laboratories as it creates an airtight and chemically-resistant seal without complication adhesives being applied to a plate. Porvair Sciences meets the needs of laboratories with this unit of heat sealing.

Similarly, with the MicroSeal Manual Thermal Plate Sealer, which is compact and easy to use, it is also quick and straightforward. It protects precious samples from evaporation and contamination when performing PCR or during storage.

A unique feature of the MicroSeal is that is has a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating. It is the best unit for manual sealing of PCR plates and microplates, as it also has a pre-set temperature of 170ºC, perfect for most common sealing applications, and it even has a LED status display for power and heating.

For heat sealing films, Porvair Sciences has an extensive range of seals and foils for thermal and adhesive sealing of microplates. They also have re-usable cap mats which are available for friction sealing of plates.

Also, foils and seals for the MicroSeal and MiniSeal Plus are supplied by Microplates, and they have cut sheets with a measurement of 125mm x 78mm, and they come in packs of 100. Also, for the automated TriSeal system, these come in roll form, and sample rolls are 5m long, and production rolls are much longer around 500m or 610m long, which is a substantial length to seal around 5-6,000 plates.

According to Porvair Sciences, all of their heat seals have a sealing strength of -80ºC to +120ºC, are resistant to DMSO and TFA as well as most other solvents and will seal Polypropylene plates. Porvair recommends Polystyrene plates to only use Clear Seal.

So, it is clear that Porvair Sciences have a vast range of units for microplate sealing from adhesive sealing film to heat sealers, mat caps, a 96 well plate seal, and many more. You can browse through these products on the Microplates website, and each unit contains a product description if you would like to know more them and how they meet the needs of laboratories. Call the Porvair Sciences team today on +44 (0)1978 661144 if you have any queries about the units available online, or you can go online and check them out for yourself at https://www.microplates.com/microplate-closures-and-sealing/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/porvair-sciences-develop-a-range-of-units-for-microplate-sealing/

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