Porvair Sciences manufacture many microplate products, including Deep Well Polypropylene Microplates as part of their storage collection on the Microplates website. Porvair Sciences provide microplate solutions for all applications, particularly their sample storage microplates.

The storage collection plate – the deep well polypropylene microplate is a sample storage plate used for sample storage in life science laboratories. An essential aspect of the manufacture of these plates to note is the selection of ‘clean raw materials for injection moulding.’  Another benefit of this sample storage plate is its suitability for storage because of the low-binding characteristics of the material – polypropylene. It can accommodate larger working volumes, and the proteins and DNA will not adhere to PP; therefore, it gives a complete sample recovery in the laboratory.

Although, according to Porvair Sciences, all grades of polypropylene are not the same. This is about the injection moulding grades of polypropylene which can have high concentrations of chemicals, therefore, aiding the moulding process. It helps with the production of plates in a much quicker way, and it also lowers costs. The only flaw that has been mentioned by the professionals about these particular moulding grades of polypropylene is that the sample may not be fully functional as it is stored for an extended period.

This can happen when compounds are stored as solutions in solvents such as methanol or DMSO because they can extract from the polypropylene base material. Fortunately, Porvair Sciences has published an analysis of its own and other manufacturer’s plates, with MS traces, this allows individuals to compare the good and bad.

You can also find online as part of the storage collection, the deep well microplate centrifuge and genogrinder accessories such as the centrifuge support plate. These silicone impact support plates are designed to fit into the skirt of the deep well plates. This then allows the plate to be used in a centrifuge without the risk of the plate distorting, cracking or breaking, causing the well to leak.

The 96-well square plates are also part of the deep well polypropylene storage collection which was created for the interchange of plates simpler in automated systems. The plates have the same geometry, and the only variable is the excellent depth. These plates are designed specifically for seed and leaf genomic studies.

The other plate is the 384-well, and Porvair Sciences has a selection of 384-well polypropylene plates to suit most applications. This is because all of them are made from ‘pre-tested polypropylene in Class 100000 cleanrooms.’

Then you have the high-volume deep well microplates which are available on the microplate’s website. On it, you will find a range of large volume plates that are suitable for each specific laboratory’s requirements as they ensure only the best quality microplates. Porvair allows large volumes of samples to be transported in recognised ANSI/SLAS format microplates, and this gives you greater automation.

Porvair Sciences microplates supply many high-volume microplates, and the deep well polypropylene microplates, in particular, are the best sample storage microplates. Porvair Sciences only choose clean, raw materials in the manufacture of these plates, confirming how dedicated and thorough the team are at Porvair Sciences.

If you would like more information about the deep well polypropylene microplates for your laboratory, you can read more about the plates online at https://www.microplates.com/storage-collection/, or you can contact a member of the Porvair Sciences team by phone on +44 (0)1978 661144.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/porvair-sciences-manufacture-microplate-products-including-deep-well-polypropylene-microplates/

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