Microplates have just launched a new product called Microlute SLE – Supported Liquid Extraction for Porvair Sciences. With this new product created by Microplates, you can extract a variety of acidic, basic, and neutral analytes from various biological or aqueous samples, done very quickly using a robust method of liquid extraction.

This method of extraction is done so quickly with the help of Microlute SLE. The Microlute SLE 96 well plates and cartridges use selectively sourced diatomaceous earth (DE) as the solid support. This means it can increase the absorption of the aqueous solutions, which results in a more straightforward recovery of analytes from samples, and also a greater reproducibility.

There is a wide range of features associated with the Microlute SLE product. It has a quick and simple recovery due to the minimal number of steps needed, so you’ll have a quick clean up, while also securing over 99% recovery of contaminant-free analytes, so little injuries are involved.

The MicroluteTM SLE can process up to 96 samples, so if you are interested in a product like this for your laboratory, this is perfect for laboratory automated workflows. One ideal feature of the Microlute SLE is its efficient removal of proteins with a low risk of contamination, so you’ll have clean samples and also less cleaning-up time, a great bonus if you purchase this product.

Microplates consider this product to be much better than LLE as there are minimal requirements involved with the Microlute SLE such as no inversions, no shaking and no pipetting. With standard liquid extraction, there tend to be sample handling issues; however, not with Microlute SLE.

The method of its sample preparation enables the user to have an effective and efficient workflow from its reliability to its ease of clean-up samples for chromatography analysis. So, how does the Microlute SLE work exactly? Well, Microplates suggest you add your sample on to the plate or cartridge, wait until complete absorption of the aqueous solution has taken place and you can then ‘elute’ analytes in your preferred solvent.

The MicroluteTM SLE is available in 96 well plate and cartridge formats with a 200μl (and 400μl) maximum load volume(s). This sample preparation product is suitable for plasma, serum, oral fluids, urine or other aqueous-based solutions. For more information about this new range from Microplates, or if you have any queries about an immiscible solvent or emulsion formation, get in touch with Microplates today, they will be happy to assist you.

The MicroluteTM SLE – Supported Liquid Extraction is another new product offered by Microplates, alongside the Microlute PPpp plate, both of which can be found online at https://www.microplates.com/microlute-sle/. You can find these products under sample preparation, and there is a detailed description of the products also. If you’re interested, you can add the amount you want of a particular product for enquiry. The SLE is very easy to use, and it is an excellent method of liquid extraction, so, if you’re looking for a product like this, consider the MicroluteTM SLE, it has several features, and it can be used with vacuum and positive pressure systems too.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/microplates-launch-a-new-product-microlute-sle-supported-liquid-extraction/

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