Microplates new products are available on their storage collection. Porvair Sciences latest addition to the range of Assay plates include the 96 well PP and PS plates. They are proud of these filtration plates as they are specially manufactured under cleanroom conditions, and they are made from polypropylene. This means Porvair can list heat and solvent resistance as another one of their many qualities. Another critical point is that a number of their newest PP and PS 96 well filtration plates are DNase/RNase free.

The Porvair Sciences Assay Plates range offers the most significant combination of good shape, the number of wells and well volume on the market. As a result, most of their PP and PS 96 well plates are made to the ANSI/SLAS standards. Therefore, compatibility is guaranteed with most readers/washers and automated equipment widely used by researchers.

Furthermore, the extension of the PP and PS assay plates brings three new plates with well capacities of 350μl, 270μl and 220μl. This ranges from around bottom to flat (F) bottom and V bottom, the new 96 well plates are perfect for compound storage and culturing.

The microplate company also has a superior range in supply from vacuum manifolds, sealers, evaporators and microfilter plates which Porvair Sciences have stated to be very popular. As well as deep well and shallow good storage plates, assay plates such as the 96 well microplate.

Porvair Sciences also provide custom microplate products for life science research, and they emphasize that the vacuum manifolds are essential for 96-well SPE sample preparation, are designed to work with most popular filter plates, including Waters, Millipore, Qiagen, Whatman, GE Healthcare, Varian, Biotage and not forgetting Porvair itself.

With regards to the 96-well square plates, they were designed to make the interchange of plates simpler in automated systems. There are three plates which have the same geometry, and the only variable is the well depth. For the use of the ‘GenoGrinder™ and TissueLyzer™’ there is a plate available in an extractable-free, medical-grade polymer. The purpose of these plates is for seed and leaf genomic studies. The group of 96-well square plates have a wide range of characteristics such as:

  • Made from virgin polypropylene
  • Tested for low extractables
  • Tight specification levels
  • V bottom
  • No inner edges
  • 350µl, 1ml, 1.6ml and 2ml working volumes
  • Raised well rims
  • The conical base for sample concentration, reconstitution and
  • Sterile and non-sterile versions

Porvair also has a considerable supply of large volume plates to meet high demands as many requirements have to be met. A lot of time and dedication has gone into the production so you can be assured they will supply you with the highest quality plates in their storage collection, including the 24-well and the 48-well filtration plates. The 48 well features have two versions, one which is 5ml and 44mm high and the other is 68mm high with a 7ml working capacity.

According to Porvair, they have published a detailed analysis of its own and other manufacturer’s plates, with MS traces, this enables the user to compare good and bad performers.

You can get in touch with Porvair Sciences Ltd today if you require more information about Microplates new products, or if you have any questions or queries. They recommend going online to browse their storage collection at https://www.micrplates.com/storage-collection. Alternatively, you can call 02920 480720, or you can email [email protected] for more information.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/microplates-new-products-are-available-on-their-storage-collection/

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