Spindogs Develop WordPress Website Projects for Their Clients. The website design agency has over 15 years of experience in building affordable websites in WordPress. Spindogs ensure all clients are catered for, depending on their niche or business and what they need on the WordPress site.

The WordPress developers at Spindogs are experts at developing WordPress websites for a wide range of clients such as Coffee #1, Exeter College Oxford, Sony Technology Centre and Smoothskin, and many more.

Spindogs developed their in-house suite of add-ons to meet individual requirements, and the opportunities are endless to create the perfect site for your business. With its ease for using flexible content means custom layouts can be created by picking and choosing blocks expertly designed by our in-house design team, so there are no limitations to fixed templates.”

Spindogs emphasise the many benefits associated with WordPress, although some of the key features make this open-source platform perfect for many businesses and suit the needs of marketers in many sectors.  Here are just some of the key features:

  • It’s an open-source platform
  • Easy to use
  • No HTML editing required
  • The ability for multiple user accounts
  • Spindogs has a suite of bespoke add-ons to make any site unique
  • Client control of the site with flexible content blocks
  • Responsive layouts

Spindogs pride themselves in being an agency that does it all, not just web design.

The team at Spindogs say, if you happen to land on their homepage and you need a WordPress website, well then you have found the perfect agency. Their WordPress experts and a team of dynamic developers, creative thinkers, skilled strategists and are the experts when it comes to WordPress CMS.

As one of the most popular CMS platforms on the market, statistics show that WordPress powers 25% of the web. This explains why WordPress is such a popular choice among many clients for its easy to use interface, making it simple to update web content regularly.

With over ten years of experiences in building commercial sites in WordPress, Spindogs understand best practices that will meet your businesses objectives — developing WordPress websites for a whole host of notable clients such as Coffee #1, Exeter College Oxford, Sony UK Technology and Smoothskin to name a few.

Spindogs aim to strategise, design and build websites and marketing campaigns that cater to every client’s objectives and then exceed their expectations. According to the agency, Spindogs have delivered hundreds of digital projects, varying in size and budget, and always have the same focus on building long-lasting relationships with the people that they have worked with.

Most importantly, the team at Spindogs listens to the needs of their clients, and because of this, have grown rapidly in recent years. For instance, the support and account management teams have grown in size to facilitate each client’s needs so that they get the support they need to become more successful online.

If you’re looking for a WordPress website, contact the WordPress agency – Spindogs today on 02920 480720. The WordPress web developers at Spindogs will provide you with a fully customisable WordPress website. All you have to do is provide them with your business information and the team at Spindogs will get started. You can email Spindogs at [email protected], and the website design agency will get back to you promptly.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/spindogs-develop-wordpress-website-projects-for-their-clients/

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