For many companies, the performance of their website is critical to the success and growth of their business. Whilst ecommerce and professional service industries are investing in digital and thriving, somewhat surprisingly, there are lots of businesses who are on outdated website systems, battling with their functionality, and losing out on market share.

Leading web design Cardiff agency Spindogs are launching a campaign to help make web design top of your companies Christmas wishlist. The campaign sets out to make businesses across the UK and beyond understand the impact of digital transformation, and how an investment in your website can improve your brand visibility, lead pipeline, and bottom line.

Below, we look at what the campaign entails, and the impact that a website created on data-driven methodologies and modern design can have for your business:

Spindogs campaign makes web design top of your list to Santa

The chances are, you’re already well aware of what a new website could do for your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. However, most businesses need to understand the value in web design and development before committing to spend.

The campaign from Spindogs is here to help this Christmas. They are providing detailed information on how businesses, particularly with ecommerce and professional services, are benefiting from website design and development, through knowledge-sharing, workshops, online case studies, consultations and so much more.

In 2020, 87% of UK households made purchases online through ecommerce websites

According to Statista, the online shopping landscape has never been stronger, and government forecasts only predict this to grow further. The ability to browse at the click of a button, compare prices, experience endless choice and use a plethora of payment options are just some of the key drivers behind the switch to online shopping vs physical stores.

We now live in age where consumers expect some level of online shopping experience, regardless of the size of your business. For smaller businesses, investing in your ecommerce web design Cardiff can help you to begin competing locally and nationally online and drive new sales. For larger businesses with bigger budgets, significant investment can be game-changing, allowing you to provide cutting-edge shopping experiences that match market-leaders, make use of rich digital data and insights to shape the direction of your business, and improve your internal workflows and website product line management processes through innovative technology, alongside significant revenue growth potential.

Professional service websites report annual revenue growth of 8.7% from 2013-2022

There’s also considerable data that suggests professional service industries are benefitting from making investments in their website and digital marketing. According to Statista, professional service companies reported an average online growth in revenue of 8.7% year-on-year since 2013-2022.

Promoting and presenting your professional services on a website has lots of similarities to ecommerce. The end result is the same, in that you want to increase your brand awareness, and encourage consumers to enquire or buy. Perhaps the biggest benefit to investing in professional web design Cardiff is that, using your existing data and external industry insights, you can map a website architecture that is best suited for conversion. You can begin presenting complex or copy-heavy information within intuitive designs that make it easier for the consumer to digest, whilst separating your service-offering against competitors through modern design and website animation.

Learn more about the campaign

Whether you’re the CEO of a business who wants to understand the value of digital transformation, or a Marketing Manger determined to show the potential impact of your company investing in web design and development, the campaign from Spindogs has all the information and examples you need via their website.


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