Pay-per-click (PPC) automation may not be new, but boy is it evolving. Following the global trend in technology of utilising machine learning and data analysis to the benefit of humankind, platforms such as Google and Bing follow suit, implementing new and exciting automation tools at rapid pace to improve the way we advertise online.

Leading PPC marketing company Spindogs, based in Cardiff, UK, believe that PPC automation will change the digital advertising landscape for the better.

However, automation doesn’t mean PPC marketing agencies get to sit back in their chairs and let the machines do the all the hard work. On the contrary, they are having to work harder than ever to make best use of automation, keeping on top of new and ever-changing advertising algorithms, and setting clear parameters for the automation to be a success.

Below, Spindogs outline how PPC automation will change the digital advertising landscape, and what questions businesses should be asking of their PPC agency to make the most of automated campaigns:

You’ll get more bang for your buck with bid management automation

If you employ a PPC agency to manage your Google or Bing advertising campaigns, you’ve likely had many conversations around bidding. Deciding how much you want to pay for a click to your website or a click on your product compared to what competitors in your market are willing to bid can be a difficult decision.

This is where bid management automation can an invaluable tool. Historically a very manual task, PPC agencies can now set up automation parameters that work with the vast amount of data and machine learning PPC platforms have at their disposal.

Automation considers your maximum bid, the success you’ve had on adverts to-date (quality traffic, product purchases, conversions), what time of day your adverts are most likely to be clicked, from what device they are likely to be clicked, and what type of targeting credentials (age, location, interests) are most successful, amongst many other complex learnings.

The result is automated bidding which adjusts based on your parameters. However, bid management automation will also fundamentally require the human touch to avoid overspend or spend in undesirable areas.

You’ll automatically create adverts to drive better quality traffic and conversions with campaign management automation

Campaign management automation is essentially a boost to the hard work put in to begin with. It has the power to understand what copy is driving the most clicks and quality traffic, which graphics are grabbing your target markets attention, and which call to actions are the highest performing. It will take a number of other learnings, such as what keywords are working best within your campaigns and which are losing you money, automating and serving new adverts based on these various elements and learnings.

According to PPC Cardiff agency Spindogs, the caveat here is that for this to be a success, you’ll need well configured adverts to begin with. That means you still need to go through the process of keyword research, creating compelling copy and images, determining bidding structures and ultimately serving adverts that are likely to result in conversions.

What to ask your PPC marketing agency about PPC automation:

If you’re excited about PPC automation and the results it can bring, the first thing you should ask of your PPC marketing agency is how they use it within their campaigns. The best agencies are making automation part of their arsenal, using it to further enhance the work they put into the ongoing configuration and management of your digital advertising.

If you haven’t ventured into automated campaigns yet, ask your agency to set up some trial campaigns that are based solely on the technique. This will give you a great understanding of how it works, what impact it has on your advertising, and how the agency manages the automation processes listed above and the many others at their disposal.


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