Spindogs Developer has recently been crowned Umbraco MVP. Just this year, back in April, Spindogs welcomed Senior Net Developer, Nik Rimington, into the business. Nik’s Net development experience is over a decade long with him specialising in Web for the past five years and Umbraco for the past four years.

Spindogs are proud to announce that Nik has been crowned an MVP for the second year in a row at Umbraco’s annual event, Codegarden 2019. MVP is an abbreviation in Umbraco terms that stands for the Most Valuable People (or Person in the singular). According to the Umbraco Web Agency, they describe MVP’s as ‘hardworking pillars of the Umbraco community.’ Also, they have been recognised for providing ‘great contributions to Umbraco and the Community.’

The Umbraco Agency decided to arrange an interview with Nik and find out more information about what being an MVP means and why he has invested in Umbraco. Well, his interest first began in Umbraco around four years ago, he moved jobs and locations to start a role in Cardiff. During this period, he had no idea about Umbraco or heard of them. However, they were beginning to use it at his new job and as the senior developer, it was his job to familiarise himself with the Umbraco Agency.

So, he decided to get the company to send over two training courses they ran at the time, and he began investigating the surrounding the community, and that’s when his interest started to grow from there.

Some may wonder what it takes to become an MVP. Well, to become an MVP, it depends on whether you are selected or not. According to Nik, he thinks over the years the selection process has significantly changed because currently, the decision comes from the HQ to the best of his knowledge. It is a very confidential process, no one discusses it really, and apparently, Nik says you won’t know how you got the award.

Nik mentions that the first time he received the award was an utter and complete shock, even the second time came as more of a shock. It wasn’t until after Codegarden 2018 that h3 found that he got it for his contributions to the Umbraco help & guidance forum.

According to Nik, if you want to get involved with the community and become a Umbraco Gold Partner, he recommends various ways to do so, first is to go online to the community space on Umbraco.Com, https://our.umbraco.com. Also, on their site, you will find helpful information and resources, including a forum for asking questions, links to meet-ups, and other associated communities https://our.umbraco.com/community/umbracians-in-action/.

With regards to Spindogs, they are a .Net Umbraco Gold Partner, with a team of dynamic Umbraco developers, creative thinkers, skilled strategists and super support heroes are the experts when it comes to creating and managing Umbraco websites.

Furthermore, their team have years of experience developing Umbraco CMS websites quickly and efficiently for a range of clients for many industries. The reason for this is that it’s customisable. They are not just a website agency, their goal is to inspire decisions, and their Umbraco designers will bring your vision to life.

Contact Spindogs today on 02920 480720 if you are interested in and Umbraco Developer or Umbraco Website, you will receive the best online service from an accredited, experienced web agency. You can email [email protected] or go online to https://www.spindogs.co.uk/umbraco/ to read more about their services.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/spindogs-developer-crowned-umbraco-mvp/

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