Polypouch has just announced that its flexible Pet Food Packaging is now available for order on their site.

With Polypouch’s pet food pouches come many benefits, the best one being its functionality. Pet owners love how easy they are to open, with just one tear of the package.

Pet food pouches benefits for Pet Owners and Brands

The pet food packaging bag available from Polypouch is also a grip-seal, so it’s resealable. It’s so simple, and once you’re finished, you reseal the pouch, ready to open it easily again later. No wonder so many pet food suppliers are choosing these pet food pouches from pet food packaging manufacturers like Polypouch.

This particular pouch packaging is ideal as it cuts down waste if the pet food package contains more than one serving. This will save pet owners time and money in the long term, keeping these extra servings fresh for their pets.

For pet food brands and companies, there are a range of benefits with Polypouch’s bespoke pet food pouches and packaging. When it comes to packaging pet food, Polypouch sells packaging suitable for both wet and dry products made from high barrier packaging materials including nylon, aluminium and metallised polyester.

If you want your product to stand out from the competition, well, Polypouch boasts the highest quality rotogravure printing. This allows them to produce bespoke pouch packaging, ensuring your products are the most presentable and appealing to your customers.

Also, Polypouch compared pet food in pouches to canned pet food, and there are endless benefits, aside from the ease of resealing the packaging. Pet owners won’t have to worry about repackaging the leftover contents of canned food or storing them in a container, as the pet food pouches can be resealed and will stay fresh until the next feeding time for your pet.

Pet food pouches are a safer option

According to Polypouch, it is the safer choice when it comes to a pet’s health, due to the risk of contamination from the tin can itself. Leaving open tins of pet food in the fridge exposes the remaining contents to the air and the rest of the fridge’s contents. So, the food can change flavour, turn mouldy or even absorb metal particles. This is not a risk worth taking, as it can be hazardous to your pet.

Polypouch is pleased to mention that the high-barrier aluminium pouches offer one of the best barriers in the flexible packaging industry, protecting pet food from moisture, oxygen and smells, which will keep the pet food fresh and healthy.

More information

Polypouch is true professionals, ensuring brands and companies have the opportunity to showcase their products by using high-quality designs and easy to use pouches. This helps your product stand out from the rest of the competition.

Polypouch offers a range of bespoke pet food packaging on their site, contact them today on +44 (0)203 475 3456 or email [email protected] to discuss your ideas. You can also check out their wonderfully designed pouches and bags online at https://www.polypouch.co.uk/bespoke/pet-food/.

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