Sustainability and eco-friendly living are on a lot of people’s minds these days, and business owners are no exception. More members of the general public have higher expectations about corporate responsibility now, and this combined with greater transparency means that lots of companies are recognising the urgent need to take real action on sustainability.

Protecting the planet that we all call home can often seem like an overwhelming task – after all, where should businesses start when there’s so much to do? Sometimes, small steps can make the task more manageable. Polypouch offers one way to help the planet and make your business more sustainable: by using their popular recyclable pouches that can reduce transport emissions and waste.

Packaging to protect the planet

Packaging in particular has come under scrutiny lately as an environmental issue, with even big brands like Amazon trying to cut down on packaging waste.

As specialists offering recyclable resealable bags and other packaging solutions, Polypouch claims to be very conscious of the impacts that the use of plastics has on our planet. Polypouch says that they ‘are actively moving towards making all of our packaging recyclable by working with industry leaders to promote recycling of flexible packaging to local authorities over the next few years.’

The company also adds: ‘As members of both CEFLEX and PIRAP, we fully embrace working towards creating a circular economy for flexible packaging and are actively trying to promote and increase the recycling of flexible plastics in both the UK and Europe.’

Many people are against plastic, but studies have actually shown that pouches are more environmentally friendly than cans and glass jars in terms of production and transport emissions. What’s more, flexible packaging (for example, a recyclable flat based pouch) has been proven to be an efficient and eco-friendly resource for products that would not be suitable for storing in natural alternatives such as cardboard and paper packaging.

The only real issue with plastic is the recyclability, which is why Polypouch is working so hard to remedy this. As well as making their own packaging more eco-friendly and recyclable, the Polypouch team are encouraging local authorities to consider the recyclability of flexible packaging with the hope of transforming the packaging industry as a whole.

Get in touch with Polypouch today to see how the experts there can help you design versatile packaging that meets your products’ needs, reflects your brand and protects the environment.


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