Polypouch has revealed their impressive and versatile Drink Pouches accommodating any product that fits under the ‘Drinks category’. Drinks manufacturers out there at the moment looking to change the image of their products are, unsurprisingly, greatly influenced by the flexibility of the Polypouch drink pouches.

These drink pouches are so versatile that they can accommodate any product that comes under the ‘drinks’ category. This ranges from energy drinks to cocktails and everything in between.

Polypouch are drink pouches suppliers dedicated to ensuring your products stand out not just in the drink industry but the food and confectionary industry too. You can rely on Polypouch to deliver quality wholesale drink pouches as they are suppliers you can trust who has been in the industry for years providing pouches for new brands and products.

What is unique about Polypouch and their drink pouches is their rotogravure printing – high-quality printing that will enhance your packaging and undoubtedly have your products noticed on the shelf. Also, all of their bespoke printed pouches and packaging are food-grade, with certification is available if you require BRC accredited packaging.

Drink packaging

With Polypouch, there are so many options with what you can sell, including spout drinks packaging. Of course, beverage businesses are the most interested in using the drink packaging for drinks such as juice and soft drinks packaging, energy drinks packaging, wine, and the trendy pre-made cocktails that customers can keep chilled or frozen.

Polypouch also has a wide range of pouch materials, finishes and features for you to choose from, so you can find one that conveys the image of your brand and stands out from your competition. Some of the most popular pouches available from Polypouch are stand up pouches, flat pouches, resealable pouches and spout pouches.

The benefits of Polypouch drinks pouch packaging

There are many great benefits associated with choosing Polypouch wholesale drink pouches for your brand, such as cutting down on spillages and easy filling. What’s even better, they minimise waste because customers can squeeze out up to 99.5% of the contents. This maximises their enjoyment of the product, increasing the number of satisfied customers who will come back and purchase your drink again.

Also, the drink pouches are made from quality materials and are incredibly customisable. These drinks pouches will meet all of your requirements as a manufacturer, ensuring you are glad you chose Polypouch drink pouches for your product.

Interestingly, you don’t even have to sell liquids to use the Polypouch drinks packaging. For instance, Polypouch has a selection of Kraft bags and coffee pouch packaging that will keep your freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee or loose-leaf tea in top condition. This is ideal for coffee fanatic customers who want to always make the perfect cup.

More information

Polypouch has an excellent eye for design, and they can reveal that the key to success for your product is down to the packaging design, which allows your goods or products to stand out both in-store and online.

Polypouch offers a bespoke design service that will provide you with unique artwork to ensure that your products have an impact on consumers. For some examples of their exceptional graphic design work, please browse their bespoke pouch packaging gallery. You can check out this Bespoke Design Gallery at https://www.polypouch.co.uk/bespoke/food-drink-and-confectionery/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/polypouch-reveal-their-impressive-and-versatile-drink-pouches-accommodating-any-product-under-the-drinks-category/

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