Sarasota, FL – Alibi Investigations, rated the top private investigators in Florida by Private Investigator Near Me, is excited to announce the release of its top tips on how to find the best private investigator in Florida.

With over 50 years of experience and a deep understanding of Florida’s requirements for private investigators, Alibi Investigations’ top tips on how to find the best private investigator in Florida are designed to empower both individuals and businesses on the credentials, licenses, and qualities they should look for when hiring a private detective to ensure they acquire the crucial information they need. Individuals can find all the key information on the top tips for best private investigator via ( on the Alibi Investigations website.

“Being a Florida private investigator isn’t just about having a license and the training to match; it’s about leveraging that know-how to support individuals like you,” said a spokesperson for Alibi Investigations.

Founded by legal attorneys and a recipient of several notable industry awards, the professional team of Private investigator Florida has extensive experience in partnering with clients to unveil the truth.

For both corporate and personal clients, Alibi Investigations recognizes that conducting reliable private investigations is more than just holding the relevant licenses; it is about the quality of the service offered. That is why the leading investigator firm top tips extensively cover the array of techniques from surveillance to comprehensive background investigations utilized by its team that are crucial to delivering clients the information they need to gain peace of mind.

“We’re not your typical private investigators in FL. Our investigators, all from various states, have extensive criminal justice and law enforcement backgrounds, equipping us with the unique experience to handle your case in Florida”, furthered the spokesperson for Alibi Investigations.

Whether individuals need to uncover fraud at their company or perform nanny background checks at home, Alibi Investigations provides a comprehensive array of specialist private investigator services. These include:

Cheating Spouse Investigations: If individuals suspect infidelity, the top FL private investigators can discreetly gather evidence to confirm or dispel their doubts. This service is beneficial when clients need peace of mind or legal evidence for divorce proceedings.

Alimony Investigations: Post-divorce, if individuals suspect that their ex-spouse’s circumstances have changed (e.g., cohabitation or employment), Alibi Investigations can conduct an alimony investigation. The gathered evidence may be used to modify alimony orders.

Employee Background Checks: Hiring the right people is crucial. The highly rated private investigation firm offers comprehensive background checks on potential employees, providing information about their criminal history, previous employment, and education.

With a commitment to developing trusting partnerships with clients, delivering accurate results, and using a unique investigative approach uniquely curated for Florida, Alibi Investigations can help uncover the truth of any situation for residents of Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa.

Alibi Investigations encourages both individuals and businesses in Florida that would like an extensive background check on a potential hire or partner to fill out the contact form via the firm’s website to schedule a free consultation with a specialist private investigator today.

About Alibi Investigations

Alibi Investigations is an award-winning private investigation firm serving all of Florida. It was founded by Raymond F Gillis, a private investigator who is well-known across the industry, and Mark Anthony, an attorney and experienced private investigator. The Alibi team focuses on cheating spouse investigations, alimony investigations, general private investigations, child custody investigations, and much more.

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As a lawyer-owned private investigation firm, our team of investigators help you uncover the truth. Our services help you avoid a ruined reputation, financial loss, and litigation.

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