Sarasota, Florida – Alibi Investigations, the leading private investigator firm in Florida that offers a variety of efficient services such as background checks, custody battle support, and infidelity private investigators, has announced a recent drastic increase in alimony investigations due to the current hard economic times.

After comparing statistics over the last few years, Alibi Investigations has found that due to the current difficult economic situation because of the ongoing cost of living crisis, more people have turned to hiring private investigators to perform alimony investigations to help try and find additional revenue.

Alimony investigations are legal procedures initiated to gather information and validate claims regarding a spouse’s or former spouse’s ability to pay or need for alimony. These investigations typically involve examining various factors such as income, living conditions, employment status, assets, and lifestyle to determine the financial capacity or needs of the individuals involved.

To meet the increase in demand for the drastic increase in alimony investigations, Alibi Investigations is offering several in-depth areas that can be covered in its alimony investigations service ( and assist families in obtaining additional funds. These include:

Disputes Over Income: If there’s uncertainty or disagreement about a spouse’s actual income, an investigation may be needed to verify the income details.

Change in Circumstances: If there’s a significant change in the financial circumstances of either the payer or the recipient, an investigation might be necessary. This could include job loss, a significant increase in income, or the recipient’s spouse entering into a new supportive relationship.

Non-compliance with Alimony Orders: If a spouse is suspected of not complying with court-ordered alimony payments, an investigation may be initiated to ascertain the reasons behind non-compliance.

Suspected Fraud: If there’s suspicion that a spouse is hiding assets or income to avoid paying alimony or to receive more alimony, an investigation would be warranted.

Leverage: While getting alimony is not guaranteed, hiring an alimony investigator gives individuals leverage. When rock-solid evidence is presented, there is a higher chance of getting a court-ordered provision.

Alibi Investigations focuses on conducting discreet and confidential spouse relationship inquisitions. Individuals will have real-time access to surveillance videos on their phones and all other evidence gathered. Additionally, the expert team of private investigators will conduct surveillance to get the answers needed and ensure all facts are presented without prejudice so that individuals and families can make the right decision.

“You may need evidence to adjust the court-ordered provision after your divorce,” said a spokesperson for Alibi Investigations ( “Don’t get blindsided—hire an Alibi  investigator to run an in-depth alimony investigation.”

Alibi Investigations invites those who are currently facing marital problems and have a gut feeling that their partner may be having an affair to contact its team of skilled private investigators via phone for a free consultation today.

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