Sarasota, FL – Alibi Investigations, a top private investigator in Florida, is pleased to announce its cost-effective private investigation services, including covert surveillance, cyber investigations, asset searches, and fraud investigations, to ensure every individual can access the information needed to attain peace of mind.

Servicing Sarasota, Broward County, and the wider Fort Lauderdale area, Alibi Investigations has earned an impressive reputation for its relentless commitment to uncovering the truth in the Sunshine State. The premier private investigators are aware of the prices associated with the cost of a private investigator in Florida and ensure its services are accessible to a wide range of clients from all economic backgrounds to best serve its local community. With a team equipped with high-quality detective skills, the latest equipment, and extensive experience, the premier private investigators endeavor to collect the evidence and facts for each client to offer them closure, resolution, and the help required for their unique case.

“We understand that as a Florida client, you want a private investigator who’s not just a name in an investigator directory, you want a private detective, a private investigator with decades of experience,” said a spokesperson at Alibi Investigations. “You’re looking for someone who understands your concerns and works diligently to solve your case. That’s the Alibi promise. Our methods are concealed yet effective, and our approach is professional yet personal. You will be working with an investigator that will remove all the stress from the situation that required a PI to begin with.”

Alibi Investigations Fort Lauderdale delivers professional, experienced, and ethical private investigator services in diverse areas to offer clients comprehensive and actionable information at some of the most cost-effective prices in Florida. These include:

Covert Surveillance: Whether individuals suspect their spouse is cheating or need to monitor an employee for possible corporate scams, the expert team of private investigators is trained in the most advanced techniques to discretely gather the information needed to capture unaltered and authentic evidence.

Cyber Investigations: With an increase in cases of cyberbullying, online scams and identity theft, Alibi Investigations has developed a unique approach to the complex online landscape by using advanced software and techniques to track digital footprints and gather pertinent information.

Asset Searches: If an individual is dealing with a legal dispute or divorce, Alibi Investigation can conduct thorough asset searches to locate hidden properties, bank accounts, and other valuable assets to ensure a fair legal resolution.

Fraud Investigations: The discrete and detail-orientated best private investigators in Sarasota are experienced in handling scam investigations, including insurance fraud, financial fraud, and corporate fraud, by using a meticulous approach to detect fraudulent activities and gather substantial evidence.

Whether it’s asset investigations, background checks, or uncovering scams, the skilled team at Alibi Investigation offers top-notch investigation services, ensuring clients receive the clarity and answers they seek.

Alibi Investigations invites individuals in Florida searching for a reliable private investigator who provides peace of mind through a professional approach and a service backed by a wealth of investigative exposure and cutting-edge technology to fill out the form on the company’s website today for a free consultation.

About Alibi Investigations

Alibi Investigations is an award-winning private investigation firm serving all of Florida. It was founded by Raymond F Gillis, a private investigator who is well-known across the industry, and Mark Anthony, an attorney and experienced private investigator. The Alibi team focuses on cheating spouse investigations, alimony investigations, general private investigations, child custody investigations, and much more.

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About Alibi Investigations

As a lawyer-owned private investigation firm, our team of investigators help you uncover the truth. Our services help you avoid a ruined reputation, financial loss, and litigation.

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