Sarasota, Florida – July 12, 2023 – Alibi Investigations is delighted to announce that it now offers real-time surveillance on your phone or computer for cheating spouse investigations. This innovative technology is discrete and highly efficient to ensure that clients can discover the truth that they are looking for. Alibi Investigations is committed to providing the best possible private investigation services, which is why the company continuously improves its services and upgrades its technology to make its investigations more effective.

It can be overwhelming and challenging when people are dealing with unfaithful spouses or shady employees so Alibi Investigations is here to bring customers peace of mind. This firm offers the most comprehensive private investigation services that help clients find the truth about their situations with concrete evidence. Alibi Investigations, offers free consultations and people looking for the best private investigators in Florida can book an appointment to learn more about how Alibi Investigations can support them with their cases.

Alibi Investigations has a team of highly experienced private investigators who have managed some of the most complex cases. This private investigation firm offers background checks, custody battle support, and even alimony investigation support.

Alibi Investigations has a dedicated team of certified private investigators who can run background checks on employees, unmask the truth behind cheating spouses, and collect evidence for court cases. Whether you are in the middle of a complicated child custody battle or you want to catch a cheating spouse, Alibi Investigations is dedicated to ensuring that you can get the answers that you need.

These private investigation services are suitable for employers who have shady employees that they want to investigate and learn more about their backgrounds. These kinds of background checks are also beneficial for people who are dating someone new, or planning to work with someone for a long time, but need more information about their history. Additionally, people who are paying court-ordered alimony, and need to gather evidence to make adjustments to that alimony can greatly benefit from the services of Alibi Investigations.

Alibi Investigations runs background checks for internet dating, pre-employment screening, pre-matrimonial criminal background checks, and also social media investigations for clients and many more. Alibi’s primary services:

  1. Checkmate investigations
  2. Cheating Spouse Investigations
  3. Alimony Investigations
  4. Child Custody Investigations
  5. Stalking or harassment cases
  6. License plate lookups

With this wide range of services, Alibi Investigations is able to help the lives of more people across Florida.

About Alibi Investigations

Alibi Investigations is highly experienced in managing domestic investigations in Florida. This firm is dedicated to helping clients safeguard their interests and the welfare of their children by providing the necessary evidence needed for court cases. This private investigation firm has a team of highly experienced detectives, who are highly skilled in this industry.

The director of investigations is Raymond F. Gillis who started a surveillance career in Florida a few years ago. The organization became highly successful and Raymond did not initially imagine that it would be this impactful for clients around Florida. Raymond has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is a pioneer of the eRemote® camera that has revolutionized the future of surveillance. Along with his business partner, Mark D. Anthony, Esq, they have built a strong organization that has helped hundreds of clients in Florida get the answers they need.

This private investigation firm is a team of highly experienced professionals who can help their clients, avoid financial loss and litigation. The firm collects evidence to help clients win cases. For the past 40 years, Alibi Investigations have used high-tech equipment and effective methods to conduct private investigations. The private investigators build strong foundations for each client’s case with concrete evidence. Private investigation can be used to avoid negative outcomes in criminal cases, child custody cases, and alimony cases amongst others. If you’d like to learn more about what Alibi Investigations can do for you, please visit their website.


About Alibi Investigations

As a lawyer-owned private investigation firm, our team of investigators help you uncover the truth. Our services help you avoid a ruined reputation, financial loss, and litigation.

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