When it comes to wellness and therapeutic products, CBD in particular has surged in popularity. For many people this natural remedy can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, and have medical benefits.

Yet whilst CBD floods the market with gummies, oils, sticks, and vape juices, a lesser known, rarer extract called CBG is gaining popularity in rapid time.

CBG, in long form is called Cannabigerol. Just like CBD and THC, which are commonly known cannabinoids found in cannabis, it offers all of the benefits of these compounds but potentially offers a lot more, due to its difficulty to extract and its rarity.

24k CBD Plus are the experts when it comes to cannabis compounds, and they believe that the surge in demand for CBG is already happening.

Here is what we know about CBG, and why it could become more popular than CBD:

  1. What is CBG? CBG is a minor cannabinoid, making it more difficult to extract

There are very small amounts of it found in cannabis and as the plant develops into maturity, the amount becomes less and less. This is because other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC develop from the acidic form of CBG. To put it into perspective, around 1% of CBG is found in a cannabis plant, compared to 25-30% of THC and 20-25% of CBD.

  1. Due to its rarity, it’s becoming an intriguing and popular product

We all want what we can’t have, and that can definitely be said of CBG. In order to generate that 1% that we talked about above, you need to stop the cannabis plant from fully developing. Young plants contain far more CBG that fully developed plants, and if left too long, the amount becomes even smaller. As it’s hard to get, purchasing CBG products such as oils and capsules is often more expensive than what you would expect to pay for CBD, but many would argue that it is worth the extra expense.

  1. CBG has great benefits that potentially go beyond that of CBD

First let’s talk about the medical benefits. Despite being a plant that we’ve had access to for thousands of years, we still know very little about the what makes up the DNA of a cannabis plant, yet CBD and THC have been researched and developed further with great effect. Now the same is being done with CBG, and researchers are gradually stating that it could have potential medical benefits such as:

  • Reducing inflammatory bowel disease
  • Acting as an antibacterial solution against the likes of MARSA
  • Potential to help stop the progression of tumours and even some cancers
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that can treat psoriasis and eczema
  • Help treat Glaucoma, specifically reducing intraocular pressure
  • Acts as an appetite stimulant

Aside from the medical benefits, CBG has also been said to have lots of therapeutic use. It has a natural calming effect that can take away stress and reduce anxiety for many people.

  1. Emerging CBG products are selling out fast

As stated, CBG can be rare to find, and as such products may be less readily available. However, at 24k CBD Plus, you’ll find the likes of CBG Kief Oil, an oil unlike anything you have ever experienced before, offering outstanding CBG effects, and CBG capsules, which offer all of the benefits of CBG alongside convenience, as they are easy to swallow and travel-friendly.

You’ll also find CBG Flower, which has a dense bud structure and great moisture that performs excellently in rolls, bowls or vaporizers, and CBG Kief, which comes readily available in a small tin and again is perfect for packing a bowl, vaporizing, coating your pre-roll or spicing up something you’re cooking.

Will CBG become more popular than CBD?

Currently, CBG is far rarer than CBD. Yet due to this rarity, demand is high. As we learn more about CBG and further products are developed, it would not be a surprise to see it become the leading and most interesting chemical compound found in cannabis plants.

More information:

24k CBD Plus are a group of knowledge staff who have years of experience in growing, extracting, and setting quality control standards for cannabis compounds. Alongside being leading industry experts, they produce and sell a vast range of CBD and CBG products, all that operate to the highest standards. To view their store and learn more, visit the website: https://24kcbdplus.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/will-cbg-become-more-popular-than-cbd-read-what-the-experts-at-24k-cbd-plus-have-to-say-as-they-weigh-up-the-benefits/

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