Chimneys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Popular with todays consumers are the likes of cement and clay, but one material that stands head and shoulders above the rest is pumice.

A volcanic stone, pumice is a natural insulator that is perfect for keeping heat and getting things warmed up quickly. Thanks to its volcanic properties, it’s highly resistant to changes in temperate that can, with other lesser quality materials, cause damage. Aesthetics are not compromised either, as this lightweight material is easy to handle and the stone colour and texture provides the perfect look and feel that suits all manners of homes.

Topstak, a leading chimney retailer in Cowbridge, Wales, have an unrivaled range of chimneys, and know a thing or two about pumice. Here’s why they consider pumice to be a great choice of material for new or refurbished chimneys:

  • Pumice is a highly insulating, providing better draw and less heat loss compared to that of clay or cement
  • It is incredibly sturdy but also very lightweight
  • Pumice allows the flue gases within the chimney to reach their optimal temperatures quickly, meaning the chimney heats up quicker and maintains its warmth
  • Pumice provides maximum performance as it is resistance to variations in temperatures, expanding and contracting less than other chimney systems
  • Pumice chimneys are often quick and easy to assemble

Looking to invest in a pumice chimney? Topstak offer an unrivaled range of chimneys from Isokern that can be delivered to your door. Isokern has been a reputable and trusted industry name for over 30 years, known for it’s long lasting, robust and durability products. Isokern pumice flue liners make for a great system when building a new chimney which will be surrounded by stone, brick or block and are compatible with all fuel types.

Here’s some of the best-selling pumice chimneys that Topstak stock:

  1. Isokern Magnum 500 Firechest

This lightweight, highly insulting pumice has three pieces that interlock like a jigsaw to form a sturdy, robust fireplace recess and gather. With an opening width of 510mm and a depth of 685mm, it’s the perfect choice for smaller spaces.

  1. Isokern Magnum 950 Firechest

With joints that are sealed using lip glue jointing compound, just like all the Isokern range, this pumice chimney offers incredible, high insulating performance all year round. Just under double the size of the Magnum 500, this is a bigger, more commanding model. The pumice liner is ideal for working with a stone, brick or block surrounding.

  1. Isokern Magnum 1100 Firechest

Easy to assemble in just under an hour, this large chimney is again made from three separate modular that are joined together. Even with its size, the pumice material ensures that things heat up very quickly, and that changes in temperate, such as warming up or cooling down, do not impact the performance.

  1. Isokern Magnum 1200 Firechest

The biggest option from the range, with an opening height of 1246mm and a depth of 710mm, this chimney is perfect for homes or premises that require large chimney systems to keep things warmer for longer. The chest has been tested to establish the optimum flue size required to give the best possible performance, just like with the entire Isokern range.

Already have a pumice Isokern chimney? Topstak has all of the accessories and replacement parts that you may need.

From starter flue blocks and square casings to offset blocks and cappings, when it comes to pumice chimneys, Topstak is the name to search for.


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