2020 was the year that businesses all over the world started to explore digital opportunities. A global pandemic meant that entire countries were asked to stay at home, physical stores and offices were closed, travel routes were restricted, and this global disaster meant that many businesses had to rethink how they operate to survive.

The outcome was a colossal switch to online technologies. We saw businesses overcome all sorts of challenges and begin to utilise digital as a cost-effective platform to not only work and live, but to actively grow their business using techniques such as digital marketing.

Whilst many businesses have chosen to invest in digital marketing for decades, it is only now that industries who were behind the curve are considering aligning real budget and resource to this method of marketing, perhaps having been forced to truly consider it as a result of these unprecedented times.

With that being said, there’s no doubt that 2021 will be the year of digital, and digital marketing. Here’s 5 reasons to invest in digital marketing over the coming year, from the experts at Spindogs, a digital marketing agency Cardiff.

  1. Search advertising is highly targeted, minimising spend waste

Very rarely do consumers know the exact website they need. Instead, they’ll Google or Bing it. As the user is typing in their exact request, such as ‘Red ford focus for sale’, the platform understands that it should show this user advertisements from car shops. This methodology applies to all manners of searches and industries and is a highly targeted way of ensuring your business, product or service is shown to the right people at the right time.

  1. Social advertising allows you to reach defined audiences on a scale that is unmatched

Social platforms with millions of users that provide advertising tools such as Facebook and TikTok have deep user insights led by data and algorithms. These algorithms understand each users’ buying preferences, content preferences, likes, dislikes, hobbies, life events and much more. All this data is available to you when choosing to advertise, allowing you to clearly define the type of person you want to see your ad.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation can see you rank well in search engines, without necessarily having to advertise

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website so that it ranks well when users are searching for things related to your business. The benefits of improving your SEO are that your website pages can appear before those of your competitors, that your page is shown as a clickable link to those who have made relevant searches, and that Google trusts you as a source. This be a longer process, but it takes away a reliance on advertising.

  1. Digital marketing helps you build fans and followers, and create mini communities

Digital marketing is all about using data to target the right people. With this approach, you can help those who could and should be interested in your business find you and follow you for the foreseeable future. The more likeminded people that you have engaging with your brand, the more chance of growth and expansion.

  1. Digital marketing is cost effective and suits all budgets

Digital marketing isn’t just for large companies with big budgets. Anybody can market their product, business or brand using a budget that works for them. For smaller businesses, the key to success is clearly defining your target audience, choosing the right platform, and running a campaign that resonates with those users, that solves a problem or matches their buying need. For large companies, the above applies, but to beat the competition it’s worth considering niche targeting, tailored campaigns, new platforms, and aligning budgets to the most highly profitable audiences or promising markets.

For digital marketing Cardiff, Spindogs is the name you should search.


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