There’s something warm and nostalgic about farmhouse décor. Built on the foundations of tradition, heritage, and functional elegance, it creates a cozy and charming atmosphere that evokes feelings of family, trade, history and practically.

Recreating that feeling at home is one of 2021’s biggest trends, with farmhouse décor a hot topic. Whether you grew up on a farmhouse and want that feeling of familiarity, or you adore the rustic style and muddy colors and want to incorporate them within your home, one of the easiest and most practical ways of doing so is with Widdlytinks rustic farmhouse signs.

Willdytinks are the specialists when it comes to new modern farmhouse style wall art. With a huge range of designs and products, many customizable to give it that true personal touch, they are one of the driving forces behind this 2021 interior design must-have trend.

Here are some ideas for signs that can make your home feel and look like a farmhouse:

  1. The customizable family name sign

Nothing says family and tradition more than a sign with your family name on it. Widdlytinks have personalized canvas wall art ready to purchase that are completely customizable, allowing you to print your surname across it. Combine this with a business name, a date of moving in or a famous family story, and you have a sign that oozes heritage. Examples include:

  • Williams Homestead
  • Ellsworth Antiques & Collectibles
  • Wilson Apiaries Honey
  1. The traditional farmers market, general store, and chicken farm sign

Want something authentic? Widdlytinks have an abundance of signs that replicate those that you would have found at traditional farmhouses, cattle farms, ranches, and stores. No need to customize but the option is there should you want to, simply pick something that works with your home or business, or that resonates with you as a person, and hang it with pride. Examples include:

  • Darby General Store
  • McHenry Cattle Company
  • Bramhill Chicken Farm
  1. The quote sign in a farmhouse style

We all love a good quote. The great thing about these farmhouse quote signs is that while the colors and imagery have a rustic, modern yet traditional style to them, the quotes themselves have the words that truly hit home. Some examples include:

  • Home is where we call the hogs
  • Home sweet home
  • Gentleness, joy, self-control, peace, patience, love
  1. The business sign, for a touch of class and practicality

Do you own a business? A great way to fill space, make a statement and recreate that farmhouse style for you and your customers is to find a sign that follows the same theme as your own business. For example, if you run a coffee shop, a big rustic sign that says ‘fresh brewed coffee served daily’ adds sophistication and class to any premise. Examples include:

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Anderson Bakery
  • Coffee Co

What size are these canvas wall prints available in?

Widdlytinks can provide their signs in sizes to suit all spaces. The bigger you go for, the more impressive the outcome, but typically the smallest sizes are around 16” by 12”, and the largest go up to 60” by 45” or 72” by 36”. For exact sizes, please check the product description and choose a size from the dropdown list.

Farmhouse décor may be a growing trend for 2021, but in reality, it’s a style that has never gone out of fashion, and never will. It’s engrained in our history and its popularity will mean that it’s always a desirable option when decorating your home.

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