Are you looking for unique ways to decorate your home or business for this years Halloween? Do you want something a little different that makes a spooky statement that your guests won’t soon forget?

Then you’ll want to jump on this year’s trend of Halloween signs and wall art. A far cry from prank spiders and skeletons, these signs become the center piece of any Halloween party, providing a showstopping conversation piece that turns mediocre décor into a spookfest.

The Halloween signs are from Widdlytinks, a team of award-winning artists with over 20 years of experience in creating unique, custom-designed wall art. Serving all of the USA from their online store, they’ve embraced their dark side, taking their renowned vintage and rustic texture signs, and adding a splash of wickedness. The result is unique printed canvases that add spooktacular flair to your décor.

Here are some of the most popular Halloween signs from Widdlytinks, which are the perfect choice to spook and terrify guests on October 31st and beyond:

Family name Halloween signs

You’ve probably seen the famous farmhouse signs that depict a family name, hung in traditional farmhouse barns, kitchens, living rooms and businesses. Widdlytinks take on these for Halloween is both beautiful and scary, proudly presenting your family name across a canvas in a scream-like font, surrounded by bats and rounded off with a beautiful rustic aesthetic. Having your family name on a sign makes it unique to you and provides a real talking point for those attending your celebration. It’s truly one of a kind.

Trick or treat Halloween signs

Trick of treat is perhaps the first phrase that comes to mind when you think of Halloween. Each year, kids go knocking doors and repeat the phase in the hope of filling their pockets with candy. So, what better way to embrace the theme of Halloween than to fill your home with Halloween signs that ask that very question? Let’s just hope your unsuspecting guests cough up the candy, and don’t fall into the trap of asking for a trick!

Haunted house Halloween signs

If you’re turning your home or business into a haunted house this Halloween, your guests should beware. And that’s exactly what these dark and delightfully decrepit designs state, warning visitors to enter if they dare, or claiming they are foolish mortals for even entertaining the idea of making themselves at home.

Witches and spells Halloween signs

If you’re choosing the dastardly witch as your costume of choice, there’s plenty of Halloween signs to back up your devilish outfit. Coming in classic black and white coloring, with worn and rustic features, make your visitors aware that a wicked witch lives in your home or that your family is part of the witch society. Alternatively, wall art that details out the ingredients for a gruesome potion or spell is a great center piece for your Halloween party.

Pumpkins Halloween signs

What would Halloween be without pumpkins? Each year we come up with unique and scary designs, piercing faces into pumpkins and lighting them up with candles. With a Widdlytinks canvas, you can go one step further and hang a sign that pays respect to this cornerstone feature of Halloween. Featuring orange, white and black color palettes, and vintage-esc stamping, nothing says Halloween like a large-scale ‘pumpkins’ sign.

Skeleton and cemetery Halloween signs

Skeletons and cemeteries go hand-in-hand with Halloween. In fact, much of the decorations that you’re likely to purchase will, in some shape or form, refer to bones and death. Far from morbid, wall art from Widdlytinks embraces these popular themes and turns them into frightfully fun features for your Halloween décor.

Where can you find Halloween signs to turn your home or business into a spookfest?

Widdlytinks is the place to go. Their online store services the whole of the US, and their unique, premium signs are made-to-order and printed on canvas, ready for you to hang. With a vast range of sizes and designs to choose from, and even the ability to customize your wall art, these Halloween signs are a surefire way to make October 31st a day to remember.


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Every design available on Widdlytinks has been created with care and attention to detail using the trained eye of an award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience in design. Often imitated but never duplicated, our artwork is distinctive and exclusive. Why does this matter? Because you deserve the best when it comes to selecting a gift for yourself, a loved one or special friend. Learn more via the website:


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Every design available on Widdlytinks has been created with care and attention to detail using the trained eye of an award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience in design.

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