Every December, we head up into the attic, pull down our box of decorations, have a few glasses of champagne and waltz away to merry tunes as we welcome in Christmas.

This year don’t simply rely on those dated baubles and fireplace stockings. Instead, dress your house to impress and welcome your holiday guests in with impressive Christmas themed wall art that will be the prize of your decoration collection for years to come.

Widdlytinks, a premiere wall art and canvas print company with over 20 years of experience in design, have released a range specifically for the holiday that we love and cherish. Their Christmas wall art is inspired by the things we love most about this once-a-year event, from xmas trees and candy canes to reindeer and seasonal quotes.

Below, we’ve picked just a few of our favorites from the Christmas wall art collection. To view the full range, visit the Widdlytinks website.

Christmas farmhouse signs

We all love farmhouse signs. They have a vintage look and feel which oozes tradition and history. This is exactly why they make such a fantastic canvas for Christmas themed wall art.

The rustic canvases, available in all shapes and sizes, provide the backdrop for some of the holidays most loved phrases and characters. From the ‘Santa, stop here’ sign to ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, they amplify that cozy and excitable feeling that only Christmas can evoke.

There’s also plenty of unique designs that will set your decorations apart from the rest. Vintage signs for Santa’s Toy Shop, the North Pole, and Sleigh Rides are unique and memorable ways to celebrate in style.

Christmas family name signs

Following on from the theme of tradition, if Christmas means a lot to your family, why not immortalize it by adding your name to a beautiful holiday-themed canvas?

The family name signs from Widdlytinks allow you to add any name you like to the design. If there’s artwork that you already like and you think would look great with a name attached to it, let the team know. Otherwise, there’s plenty of customizable designs available to view via the online store, ready for you to personalize.

These signs can be put up each year, reminding you of special times and your cherished memories associated with Christmas.

Bible verse wall art

We cannot forget the route of Christmas, and for many families, it’s a time of year to read through memorable passages in the bible and celebrate religion.

The bible verse wall art from Widdlytinks features some of the most well-known and beloved phrases and verses, including the lord’s prayer, numbers 6:24-26 lord bless you, and bless the food before us.

These metal signs can be hung all year round, but for many, take on even greater precedence during Christmas.

Make this Christmas extra special and wow your holiday guests with canvas wall art.

It’s a special time of the year, and for those who treat it as such, holiday themed canvas wall art is the ideal way to make your home or business truly feel like Christmas. From vintage and rustic signs to farmhouse and family name established signs, there’s something for everybody at Widdlytinks.


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Every design available on Widdlytinks has been created with care and attention to detail using the trained eye of an award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience in design. Often imitated but never duplicated, our artwork is distinctive and exclusive. Why does this matter? Because you deserve the best when it comes to selecting a gift for yourself, a loved one or special friend. Learn more via the website: https://www.widdlytinks.com/

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Every design available on Widdlytinks has been created with care and attention to detail using the trained eye of an award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience in design.

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