Polypouch specialises in printed and bespoke pouch packaging. Their pouches are of the highest quality and include both resealable and heat-sealable solutions for your business.

They have a variety of pouches to choose from for example stand up pouches, a flat bottom pouch, a spout pouch or something else, the specialists at Polypouch will help you through the process of choosing and designing your packaging.

Polypouch has built its business around first-class customer service. They are one hundred per cent committed to offering competitive pricing and quick delivery service.

They always provide transparent and friendly service and uphold their reputation as one of the UK’s most reliable pouch companies by offering extensive customisation for bespoke pouch orders and a comprehensive range of stock pouch items.

Polypouch is a leading stand up pouch manufacturer, they are in charge of bulk stock pouches, aluminium pouches and bags, kraft pouches and bags, clear pouches and bags, chrome pouches and bags, spout pouches and bags, coffee pouches and bags, stand up pouches and bags, and heat sealers for pouches.

Polypouch is able to supply customers with a stand-up pouch in the UK that is suitable for the following market sectors: Food, Drink and Confectionary, Pet Food, Fishing Bait, Nutrition and Supplement products, Laboratory, Biological and Medical, Beauty, Health and Cosmetics, Tea and Coffee, Retort and Microwaveable, and Industrial.

Their stand-up pouches in the UK can be used to create beneficial packaging which will enhance the on-shelf presence of a variety of produce.

Also, Polypouch checks if you have any specific requirements, such as the inclusion of tear-nicks, handles or other customisation. Their sales team will be happy to assist you.

Polypouch gives an example of a few product features that the stand-up pouches have, such as:

  • Superb clarity and pack strength for display
  • You can utilise shelf space to its maximum
  • Adaptable to a vast range of products
  • Small start-up quantities in plain and printed

Its flexible packaging is so popular amongst business owners from all industries, the plastic pouches are very versatile, and they are environmentally friendly, making this an advantage if you choose Polypouch compared to other packaging options. What is excellent about the poly pouches, is that they can be customised in shape, size and material according to your unique specifications.

The food pouches that Polypouch have are specifically designed to protect and preserve your food and confectionary products, ensuring the contents remain fresh for longer. In particular, all of the bespoke printed pouches and packaging is food grade, and they will provide you with certification if you require BRC accredited packaging.

The packaging is suitable for a range of food options, for instance, packaging ready meals, sauces, condiments or loose items such as nuts and biscuits, and the food pouches are very consumer-friendly. Customers can reseal them and save the remaining contents for later, and they will still be entirely fresh.

They are notably more convenient for health food packagings such as protein powder and food supplements. They keep the contents fresh and untampered with, along with making them a lot harder to spill.

Polypouch is the stand-up pouch wholesale for the UK of bespoke pouch packaging.

So, if you are interested in printed and bespoke pouch packaging options, visit the Polypouch website online at https://www.polypouch.co.uk/.

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Many SME’s need flexibility with their suppliers and Polypouch endeavours to support all types of businesses from startups to household names. You can rely on Polypouch to be fully transparent throughout the process and will always advise the best options…

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