Penguin Wealth Offer their Expertise on Retirement Planning and how to get your personal finances in order this new year. Planning is an essential aspect of everyone’s life, particularly when it comes to retirement planning and personal financial planning.

As individuals, Penguin Wealth emphasises the importance of planning and preparing for the future and one piece of retirement advice they give is to invest in Personal Financial Planning.

Penguin Wealth state this is the first step on your retirement plan. It involves achieving your life goals and growing your wealth while protecting the interest of you and your family.

So, what exactly do you picture when you hear the word retirement? And what do you see yourself doing with that extra time? Penguin Wealth understands that you may want to support your loved ones’ and their important events or invest your time in a cause. They mention the importance of planning now and not waiting down the line to make a plan.

Penguin Wealth offers their expertise and retirement planning advice on how to provide and live comfortably during your retirement. You may be saving for or approaching retirement, considering early retirement, or retired and looking to discuss how to take your money further. If this sounds like you,Penguin Wealth are here to offer the best Retirement Financial Planning solutions.

Penguin Wealth offers you Financial Freedom Planning, and this service helps you protect your wealth and ensures your assets are in the right places. It also helps protect your assets from your children’s future divorces or ex-partners. With this service, you will also have access to Penguin Wealth’s bespoke Trust Planning solutions.

One of the many benefits of choosing Penguin Wealth is that they offer their clients the Penguin Pension Review service. With any of their services, Penguin Wealth arranges a discovery meeting in the beginning once you confirm you are going ahead with the service.

The team then works to gather what pensions you have and your requirements based on your specific situation. They listen to your plans for retirement and how much you need or want when you decide to retire.

The pension review service does not stop there. Penguin Wealth contacts your pension providers and previous companies to obtain all relevant information. This process is detailed and can take a little time but it ensures they will get it right

The team will then communicate with you frequently and finally provide you with a Penguin Pension Wealth Management Plan. This is after analysing and looking at costs from all angles, benefits, and risk of current funds.

The fixed fee for the Penguin Pension Review service is £467, and that includes all the work and research. Penguin Wealth state that if they advise you to transfer your Pensions, then the Penguin normal fee process will be discussed and agreed as per the Client Disclosure Document

If you are considering a company to set up your financial planning for retirement, Penguin Wealth should be your company. They are experts at retirement planning, personal financial planning, and they offer a superb pension review service. Also, Penguin Wealth will help you fulfil your life goals and protect the interests of you and your family.

Call Penguin Wealth today on 02920 450143 and book your Discovery Meeting with one of the team members to discuss your retirement planning journey. You can also go online to their website at and browse through their range of services including savings and investments and wills and trusts.


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