Penguin Wealth provides retirement advice and retirement planning for all ages. If you’re getting close to retirement, retired already, or you’re just thinking about retiring early, Penguin Wealth has you covered. Using their retirement financial planning solutions they work to make sure you can enjoy your life.

To receive retirement planning advice, the first step in the process is to fill out a form called ‘The Lifetime Focuser’, which allows the team of planners to assess your situation and learn more about you and your goals. Penguin Wealth will then contact you and call you in for a Discovery meeting to discuss your goals further in person.

Penguin Wealth has three essential steps to follow when it comes to financial planning for retirement. These are the advice process, implementation and finally, the planning service.

The first step involves the financial planners following the Wealth Management Plan, which is an appraisal of plans, and the Penguin Wealth team will then consider services such as cash flow forecasting, trouble-free retirement, investment review, protecting your wealth. This step entails the first part of planning, as they will ensure a plan of action is created for you.

The financial planners then begin the implementation process, step two, as part of their retirement planning advice. The team will take the time to research solutions, ensure paperwork is completed, and your trust and will instructions will be taken down. You will also receive confirmation of an advisory report, which the team recommend reading over. To move forward with the next step, Penguin Wealth state that you must agree to forward planning.

Finally, you can move onto the forward planning step of the process, an essential part of the planning process. The reason for this is that it helps keep you focused on your goals. With this step, you will have access to advice and have the opportunity to ask questions. You’ll also need to complete a forward planning and preparation booklet, and the team states you should review your personal goals too. After this, you’ll have the option of adjusting your plan if you have something new to input.

Penguin Wealth provides the best retirement planning solutions for you, from financial freedom planning to a pension review service, and an annuity planning service.

As a client, you’ll receive monthly newsletters and information on financial issues. They’ll also give you Penguin updates, provide you with access to exclusive client events, and even seminars to improve your financial knowledge.

The financial planners at Penguin Wealth have immense experience as advisors, and they are happy to help any client that contacts them even if you are still debating whether you need retirement advice, Penguin Wealth mention that the government offers free and impartial advice to plan for retirement.

Contact Penguin Wealth today for retirement advice and retirement planning solutions. Penguin Wealth will provide you with the best retirement solutions, so make sure you call up today on 02920 450143 or via email at [email protected] and arrange a discovery meeting with the financial planners and plan your future. Penguin Wealth is located in Cardiff and serves the surrounding areas. Read more about their retirement planning solutions online at, their client stories, and the positive testimonials about the financial planners.


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