Penguin Wealth assists their clients on how to plan for a comfortable retirement.  The expert advisers at Penguin Wealth will review your existing financial arrangements, road map your financial future, and provide specialist advice on maximising your future income to achieve financial security and independence.

They will create a retirement plan review which will include a set of services includes financial freedom, pension and annuity advice services. Once you decide to seek your retirement advice in the UK from Penguin Wealth, you will then begin a financial journey with them.

First, Penguin Wealth will have you fill out a simple form that helps them to understand you better, your current position, and any goals you may have. Then you will be set for a meeting called a Discovery Meeting at their offices to clarify, understand and prioritise your values and goals.  For this initial meeting, Penguin Wealth does not charge, and it is an entirely no-obligation meeting.

Penguin Wealth wants to help you plan for a comfortable retirement, so once you are happy with the meeting and ready to proceed, then comes the first step – The Advice Process. It is an appraisal of existing plans and provision. The team at Penguin Wealth will identify shortfalls and address needs via  their:

  • Cash Flow Forecasting Service
  • Trouble-Free Retirement Service
  • Investment Review Service
  • Protecting Your Wealth Service
  • Any other relevant recommendations

Penguin Wealth will then discuss a Wealth Management Plan and agree on a plan of action with you. Step two then is just implementation, which is, Penguin Wealth will show you retirement plan solutions, complete paperwork, trust and will instructions have taken, and then you agree to move forward with the process.

The final step is the Forward Planning Service. Within it, Penguin Wealth will carry out the Forward Planning Process, which is a fundamental element in the Planning Process at Penguin Wealth.

The main aim of this process of retirement planning is to keep you on track towards your goals and objectives. Listed below are all provided by Penguin Wealth such as:

  • Access to advice when you need it
  • Complete Forward Planning and Preparation Booklet
  • Review personal goals, values and objectives
  • Update and adjust your plan as necessary
  • Remove the Hassle Service
  • Updates and Events
  • Monthly client newsletters and communication on current financial issues
  • Penguin Quarterly Investment Updates
  • Special client events
  • Seminars to improve your financial IQ

Penguin Wealth empathises with their clients as they know planning for retirement involves beginning a new chapter in your life; this can be overwhelming and confusing. So, let Penguin Wealth take care of your retirement planning, you can also read their Retirement Income Guide, as it covers everything you need to start thinking about when putting together a successful retirement plan.

Penguin Wealth is on your side from the beginning of your retirement planning, the team with providing an open line of communication, helping you to see the possibilities and understand and making sense of all the options. That’s why they call themselves Penguin because they believe – ‘Not everything about life and money is black and white.’

Get in touch with Penguin Wealth today if you would like them to help with your retirement planning, they will give your superb retirement advice on how to plan for a comfortable retirement, call them today on 02920 450143, visit their website, or you can email them at [email protected], they will be happy to assist you.


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