Penguin Wealth Offer Retirement financial planning advice with a Retirement Plan Review. Penguin Wealth gives you retirement planning advice, but also, the company aims to review your plans for retirement income following the three-step approach that Penguin Wealth applies to all of their planning services. That’s why Penguin Wealth emphasises to the public to not put off planning your retirement, even if it seems too far into the future. They advise you not to delay your plans as you could overuse your pension pot and then rely on a state pension.

Penguin Wealth wants you to picture where you can see yourself during your retirement. You could be spending more time with your family, including children and any grandchildren, or perhaps you want to travel around the world and experience some adventure and the different cultures. When it comes to retirement plan solutions, Penguin Wealth want you to consider a few things such as, do you want to provide for your loved ones for their important events, or maybe you would like to invest your time in a cause that is important to you.

If you’re looking for some help, you can receive expert retirement advice in the UK with Penguin Wealth, they will assist you with your retirement plans so you can live comfortably for the future.

One piece of retirement advice from Penguin Wealth is to consider the importance of retirement financial planning. Some people can put off this important planning, as it is in the future. However, you could end up in a stressful situation, rather than enjoying your retirement.

Penguin Wealth gives details of an average week state pension which is about £125.95 a week, and that adds up to £545.36 a month or £6,549.40 per year. So, it means workers need to save about 66% of their current salary to live comfortably in retirement. If you put the two figures together, Penguin Wealth asks, is this enough for you and your partner to live a stress-free, and comfortable life in retirement?

Penguin Wealth believes proper planning means having the freedom to live out your retirement in the moment, making it something to look forward to.

So, how does Penguin Wealth take care of your retirement financial planning? Well, whether you are saving for or approaching retirement, considering early retirement, or retired and looking to discuss how to take your money further, the Retirement Financial Planning solutions offered by Penguin Wealth will help you live a life with great comfort and ease.

Some of Penguin Wealth’s services include:

  • Financial Freedom Planning
  • Pension Review Service
  • Annuity Planning Service

According to Penguin Wealth, the main goal of their advisory services is to review your plans for retirement income, and following the three-step approach. You can find out more about this on their website.

When it comes to planning for retirement, Penguin Wealth empathize and understand it can be very overwhelming and confusing. The Retirement Income Guide on their website can be your anchor, taking you back to the start and covering everything you need to start thinking about when putting together a successful retirement plan.

Contact Penguin Wealth today if you want retirement solutions to ensure you stay on track. You can arrange a discovery meeting with a Penguin Wealth financial planner in Cardiff today by ringing 02920 450143, or you can email [email protected] for more information about retirement advice and financial planning.


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