Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a popular choice across the U.S thanks to their savings potential. Through tax advantages and unique investment opportunities, those nearing retirement or considering semi-retirement set up an IRA in order to continue to contribute to their savings and diversify their investment portfolios.

Out of the many different types of IRAs, a precious metal IRA continues to be a strong and popular choice. This type of account, often created by specialized groups, companies and IRA custodians, allows individuals to invest in physical precious metals, such as gold.

Today, Rare Metal Blog, a trusted source for precious metals investments, have announced their annual list of top 10 gold IRA companies for 2022. Following a meticulous research and review phase, they are proud to commend ‘Patriot Gold’ as a top 10 gold IRA company:

Below, we detail the importance of the top 10 gold IRA companies list from Rare Metal Blog to investors and gold IRA companies alike:

Being named as a top 10 gold IRA company by Rare Metal Blog is a stamp of approval within the precious metals investing industry

Rare Metal Blog have made a name for themselves as a trusted and unbiased reviewer of gold IRA companies operating within the United States. Over many years, their specialist team have analyzed, compared and reviewed hundreds of companies, groups and custodians, to help potential investors learn about precious metals investing and gold IRA companies:

A by-product of this meticulous research is their top 10 list, which is released annually. Thanks to their free resources, market news, opinion pieces and well-informed reviews, Rare Metal Blog have built up a strong readership and are respected by both investors and gold IRA companies alike.

Landing a place on this annual list is certainly not easy. Key criteria are considered, such as the ease of setting up a gold IRA, company reputation, company success, customer service, additional services such as the transportation and storage of gold, and more. Each year, investors and gold IRA companies eagerly await the list, to see who has made the cut.

Why gold IRA companies consider it important to be named a top 10 gold IRA company by Rare Metal Blog

When founded, Rare Metal Blog made it their mission to become the ultimate source for precious metals investing advice, guidance and news. By sharing expert knowledge and insight, potential investors are armed with all the information they need to determine whether this type of IRA is the right account for their future:

Gold, unsurprisingly, continues to be the topic of their most popular opinion pieces. As time went by and more gold IRA companies formed, Rare Metal Blog found it increasingly important to analyze and review companies, both new and old, so that potential investors didn’t have to. The team continue to educate investors with regular advice articles, including how much gold can be put into a retirement account:

Today, companies like Patriot Gold Group consider it important to be named as a top 10 gold IRA company by Rare Metal Blog, because of they are considered to be the thought-leaders within the industry.

Interested in learning more about precious metals investing?

The popularity of precious metals IRAs continue to rise across the U.S, as they are a great way to store value and protect money. In this article, Rare Metal Blog explain how hedging against currency inflation, financial crisis, diversification and more are just a few reasons why more and more Americans choose this type of IRA:

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