New York, NY – After achieving significant success as the leading advice and information website for the precious metals industry, Rare Metal Blog is now expanding their comprehensive resource further by acquiring

At you can find all the key details about the merge, including further information on how Metal Web News, a useful website that delves into the metal removal and fabrication process, along with welding and cutting, and blacksmithing, can contribute vital facts to the precious metals industry.

You will also have access to their comprehensive list of the most reputable gold IRA companies within the industry, as well as Rare Metal Blogs current top ten recommended firms, while also being able to view a useful comparison guide that details their benefits, potential negative points to consider, their pricing, and unbiased customer rating.

Producing Rare Metals

Metal Web News is committed in providing essential information on the processes associated with producing rare metals.

Their extensive look into the metal removal and fabrication procedure is particularly useful for those who want to have a complete understanding of the precious metals industry as it gives integral insight into the processes associated with producing rare metals, as well as offering important information on dealing with rust, how to make various tools and parts, and technical procedures and specs related to these issues.

This ‘behind the scenes look’ of precious metals covers key details on:

Metal Removal

  • Dealing with rust
  • The value of wet scrap metal
  • Lubrication
  • The most important tools for metal removal

Metal Fabrication

  • Everything you need to know about casting
  • Fabrication tools
  • A DIY guide to fabrication tools


  • How to work with copper
  • What are the different kinds of welding


  • How to build and use your own tools

All this vital information is now located at Rare Metal Blog and helps you fully understand the process and some of the most common issues that can occur when producing a variety of different precious metals.

This added insight is designed to help those interested in investing in precious metals have a deeper understanding than those who do not take the time to access this in-depth information.

Additionally, your higher level of understanding of the industry can provide you with confidence to accurately analyse the benefits and potential disadvantages when considering investing in gold or other precious metals.

The Inside Information on Precious Metals Investing

Rare Metal Blog is a comprehensive news and information resource on precious metals investing and provides unbiased reviews of every major firm currently offering precious metals investment.

Their in-depth guide is full of detailed research and summaries that are designed to help you make effective, profitable decisions about your future precious metal investment opportunities, including the most up to date prices of different precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper, and any new market information that can give you an advantage.

Featured on Forbes, MarketWatch, and, you can trust Rare Metal Blog to give you their professional opinion (which is supported by the most comprehensive data available) on which precious metal IRA companies are worth your time.

At, you can find a complete list of the most reputable gold IRA companies that have been assessed on their customer satisfaction, legitimacy, pricing, and BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating.

Their expert team is always updating this list and staying ahead of the latest news and trends in both the financial world and precious metals industry, so that you always have access to the most up to date and beneficial information.

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