For those nearing retirement, investing wealth, protecting money and improving retirement funds is fundamental. Many opt to set up gold individual retirement accounts (IRAs), which unlike regular IRAs, allow retirees to invest in physical precious metals. These types of accounts are set up by regulated companies and custodians across the United States.

Rare Metal Blog, a renowned source for precious metal investing in the United States, actively review the market and the many gold IRA companies operating within it, scoring them against one another. Considered to be a trusted source, being named as a top 10 gold IRA company by Rare Metal Blog is certainly advantageous.

Today, Rare Metal Blog have released their top 10 gold IRA company list for 2022 and are proud to announce that ‘Oxford Gold Group’ were awarded a place on the list. Despite being founded in 2017, which is fairly recent for companies of their type, they’ve experienced substantial success, as detailed in the full report:

Below, we detail how newcomer Oxford Gold Group managed to secure a spot on Rare Metal Blog’s eagerly awaited top 10 gold IRA companies list for 2022:

In just five years, Oxford Gold Group have managed to disrupt the precious metals investment industry and launch themselves into prominence:

Rare Metal Blog advise on gold IRA companies currently operating in the U.S. While there are ample number of groups and custodians who have a rich history of success, the team of specialists at Rare Metal Blog keep a close eye on newcomers who are making a name for themselves in a competitive market:

One such newcomer, having launched just over five years ago, are Oxford Gold Group. Key to their growth is their pricing model, which does away with per-transaction commission. Instead, the group charges only an annual fee, which varies depending on the size of the accounts. For many investors, knowing that there’s a stand-alone fee that’s paid once a year makes things much less complicated.

Making things easy is at the heart of what Oxford Gold Group set out to do. A focus on resources and learnings to educate potential investors on purchasing gold and other precious metals, including the advantages and disadvantages of holding physical precious metals ( has been influential in them building a strong customer base who are well-informed and at ease with the process.

A unique pricing model, excellent customer service, fantastic resources and an emphasis on putting the customer first are just a few of the reasons why Rare Metal Blog thought it correct to name Oxford Gold Group a top 10 gold IRA company for 2022.

How newcomers like Oxford Gold Group are managing to survive and thrive in the competitive gold IRA market:

As mentioned, those nearing retirement will often have investment portfolios that are designed to improve their retirement funds. While paper currency wealth is what many strive for, investing in physical gold assets has many advantages, and is often considered a good long-term investment:

Newcomers like Oxford Gold Group are surviving and thriving in this market, not just because they have strong foundations as a company, but because physical gold continues to rise in worth, despite challenges to the global economy.

Interested in learning more about precious metals investing vs paper savings?

Rare Metal Blog have created resources that dive into this topic, designed to help future investors learn why physical gold is considered to be an important savings platform. Here, they look at why gold beats paper savings:

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