Burns Pet Nutrition has been helping owners keep their beloved pets healthy and happy since 1993, when it was founded by veterinary surgeon and natural pet food pioneer John Burns. They have decades of experience in feeding pets and offering nutritional advice to owners, and their expert team know the ins and outs of how to keep pets healthy.

Pancreatitis in dogs is a fairly common condition, but many owners may not know all that much about it. Burns Pet Nutrition are here to help with their expert advice on how to spot the symptoms, as well as what steps to take next regarding treatment and diet.

Pancreatitis in dogs

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that often occurs as a result of a high-fat diet, and most commonly affects dogs who are elderly, overweight, or recovering from surgery. If your pet suffers from this painful inflammatory condition, they may find it difficult to digest food – especially ones high in fat.

There are multiple symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs, ranging from mild to severe. These can include low appetite, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, reduced energy and a preference for sitting in a ‘prayer position’ to help cope with the pain. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, it’s vital that a vet sees them and gives a proper diagnosis before you try and sort out their diet. Once pancreatitis is confirmed and anything else is ruled out, you can follow Burns Pet Nutrition’s recommended guidelines for what and how to feed your dog to help prevent reoccurrence:

  • Feed them with food that’s under 10% fat
  • Feed them little and often
  • Don’t overwork the pancreas by trying to ‘fatten them up’ if they are underweight
  • Be wary of some wet foods that can deceptively seem like they are low in fat – often if you take away the moisture content and compare it to a dry food, you’ll find it’s actually high in fat

If your dog has pancreatitis, don’t despair! A vast majority of dogs with pancreatitis make a full recovery after being seen by a vet and put on a special diet, though in some more severe cases dogs may need ongoing care.

A natural, healthy diet choice

Burns Pet Nutrition are proud to provide a range of carefully developed dog food recipes for pancreatitis to help your pet get on the road to recovery. Their most popular recipe is chicken and rice for dog with pancreatitis (Burns Original Chicken & Brown Rice), but other options include Burns Original Fish & Brown Rice, Burns Free From Turkey & Potato and Burns Penlan Farm Fish, Vegetables & Brown rice. All of their unique recipes are made from healthy and natural ingredients to help your pet lead its best life as nature intended, with none of the nasty artificial additives often found in other pet food products.

Burns Pet Nutrition have a free advice helpline that aims to empower and educate pet owners on the nutritional needs of their cats, dogs and rabbits. If you need more advice or guidance on what to feed your dog who has developed pancreatitis, you can get in touch with the Burns Health and Nutrition Team via their website’s helpline page and they’ll be happy to provide tailored advice on the right diet for your dog.

More information

Burns Pet Nutrition have provided millions of pets with natural, ethical food products since being founded in 1993. These products have been developed to manage common health issues in dogs, cats and rabbits, and they are suitable for pets with sensitive allergies. For more information about the company or its products, please visit their website at https://burnspet.co.uk/.

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