Burns Pet Nutrition is continuing to supply healthy, natural dog food during the pandemic. The natural dog food has been developed in-house and is packed full of tasty and nutritious ingredients. It is no wonder that this natural food for dogs is the perfect choice if you’re looking to keep your pet healthy and happy during the national lockdown.

At Burns Pet Nutrition, they are pleased to offer a selection of natural pet food made exclusively with simple, wholesome ingredients so that your dog can get the nutrients they need at every stage of their life, from puppy to senior. The natural puppy food is the best option for your new pup as it contains healthy and nutritious ingredients that will help them grow.

When you feed your dog with Burns Pet Nutrition, which is vet recommended natural dog food, you’re being considerate of your pet’s needs. By regularly feeding all-natural dog food to your dog, you are making sure that they stay healthy and safe during the global pandemic.

Burns Nutrition online store

The range of natural dog food available online at Burns Nutrition is immense, from Original to Sensitive Dog Food to Hypoallergenic dog food, weight control and ‘free from’ food. This range of pet food is suitable for many diets too, such as wheat-free, grain-free, dairy-free, low fat, and even vegetarian diets.

Vet surgeon John Burns developed the natural puppy food range himself, making sure each product contains the essential ingredients to aid your puppy’s development, form Puppy Mini Chicken and Rice to Puppy Original Lamb and rice, as well as Keltie treats and Ocean Bites Treats to serve your pet on the side.

Burns handling Covid-19 crisis

Burns Pet Nutrition confirms that their online store is open as usual, so you can place your order directly and avoid inflated ‘Covid-19 crisis’ prices which other retailers are charging.

John Burns and his team are still catering for all their customers to ensure their dogs and puppies are well fed. They are eating nutritious food for the next few months and the year ahead, while also keeping to the restrictions set by the government and following the advice shared by WHO.

Burns is making sure that protecting their staff and customers from Covid-19 is their highest priority. John is taking care of his work family in this time of crisis, and you can find recent information on how Burns are handling Covid-19 on their site.

More information

As well as purchasing natural dog food from Burns Nutrition, you should also consider joining the Burns Puppy Club if you’re a proud owner of a young dog. You can join today for a one-off payment of just £9.99.

The Puppy Club is a very special membership club exclusive to Burn Pet Nutrition set up to help new pet parents during the first year of their pup’s life. With the one-off payment, you will receive 6kg of award-winning pet food (2kg puppy food & 4kg of adult food), 12 months of need-to-know advice delivered by expert nutritionists and member gifts such as a birthday card for your new pup when he or she turns one.

For more information about the Puppy Club or the natural dog food continuously available on Burns Nutrition’s site during this pandemic, email your query to [email protected] or call 0808 301 2773 and speak to a representative.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/burns-pet-nutrition-continue-to-supply-healthy-natural-dog-food-during-the-pandemic/

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