Allergies and food intolerances can often affect a dog’s digestive system, so it is vital that you make good dietary choices for your dog to avoid an upset stomach and support excellent physical and mental health. Burns Pet Nutrition has been keeping pets healthy and happy for over two decades, ever since being founded in 1993 by natural pet food pioneer and veterinary surgeon John Burns. The company supply natural, wholesome food products, high in complex carbohydrates, low in protein and fat and free from additives, including dog food for sensitive digestion.

The specialist team at Burns Pet Nutrition have years of experience in feeding pets a balanced diet and offering nutritional advice to owners to help them keep their pets healthy. Now, they are offering their top tips to help sensitive digestion in dogs.

Diet tips to combat digestive issues

Burns Pet Nutrition knows that a poor diet can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system, which is why they created an entire range of sensitive digestion dog food. A recent review of the Burns Nutrition helpline showed that 20% of all enquiries were concerning digestive problems in dogs, so the expert team have come up with some top tips for treating digestive problems in dogs, allowing you to help your pet live a happy and healthy life:

  • See a vet to rule out any serious causes of digestive issues before turning to dietary management
  • Do a straightforward, low-fat elimination diet that you can easily monitor
  • Try to avoid beef, wheat and dairy, as well as treats, dental chews and table scraps (vegetables are okay)
  • Choose hypoallergenic food that is free from artificial colourings, sugars and preservatives
  • Be careful not to overfeed your dog
  • Look for ingredients your dog hasn’t eaten before (their body won’t have built up an immune system against these new ingredients yet)
  • Remember that every dog is different (e.g. one may not suit chicken but do well on duck)

Foods suitable for sensitive dogs

Burns Pet Nutrition provide an excellent array of healthy, natural food suitable for pets with allergies and intolerances to many food groups. Their ‘Sensitive’ range offers the perfect solution for feeding dogs with digestion issues and intolerances, as it is made with sensitive dogs in mind and avoids ingredients that commonly case allergic reactions. The Sensitive Pork and Potato recipe is a particularly popular choice, but other great recipes from the range include: Burns Free From Duck & Potato  Burns Free From Turkey & Potato, Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice, and Burns Sensitive Chicken & Wholegrain Maize.

Burns Pet Nutrition have a free advice helpline that aims to empower and educate pet owners on the nutritional needs of their pets, so they are there to help if you need more advice or guidance on the best dog food for sensitive digestion. To take advantage of this service, you can get in touch with the Burns Health and Nutrition Team via their website’s helpline page and they’ll be happy to provide tailored advice on the right diet for your dog.

More information

Burns Pet Nutrition have provided millions of pets with natural, ethical food products since being founded in 1993. The Burns Nutrition Team are always happy to help with your pet’s dietary requirements – simply call 0800 083 66 96 or email [email protected] for free support and advice from our experienced nutritionists. For more information about the company or its products, please visit their website at


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