TOBOSI, Costa Rica – IDSCA, an online pay-per-head site, is excited to announce that it has unveiled its NBA schedule for the upcoming season. The 2023-2024 NBA regular season begins on October 24th, and IDSCA will be offering a range of betting options throughout the season with its innovative pay-per-head software.

The night of October 24th is the “tip-off” of the NBA Season. This year, the NBA season will feature an “in-season tournament.” This will go from November 3rd through December 9th. The regular season will end on April 14th. Shortly after that, on April 16th, the “Play-In Tournament” will commence, narrowing the teams that finished with the 10 through the 7th seed to determine who will be the 7th and 8th seeds in the playoffs. Those start on April 20th, culminating in the NBA Finals, which will start on June 6th.

IDSCA will offer betting options on every single NBA game throughout the season. In many of the games, the IDSCA will offer multiple betting options with their bookie software platform, which allows bookies to enable options for their bettors, such as where they can bet on the point spread of a game, the odds, the over/under, and other bets dependent upon the outcome.

Additionally, bettors can make bets “in-game,” as well as, after the game has begun, including prop bets for players and teams. All of these are instituted by the IDSCA to make it possible for bettors to make a wide range of bets.

“Last NBA season was quite incredible, but we genuinely believe that we’ll be able to top it. If the preseason was any indication, the upcoming NBA season will provide opportunities for bookies as well as their bettors that will set a new IDSCA record. There’s never been a better time for betting on the NBA, whether you’re a bettor or a bookie alike,” said a spokesperson from the IDSCA.

In addition to offering bets on NBA games, the IDSCA makes it possible to make bets on the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and other college sports, as well as providing betting opportunities for many other competitive sports.

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