TOBOSI, Costa Rica – IDSCA, an online bookie software site, has updated its NBA Finals 2023 options for bookies. With these, bookies will be able to offer many different bets on the NBA Finals. 

As of this writing, the bets offered through the IDSCA include point spreads, over/unders, and moneyline odds. Additionally, bookies will be able to provide their players with options to bet on the outcome of the entire series, bets on the first halves of games, the scores at the end of the first quarter, third quarter, and more. 

IDSCA will offer these betting options and more on every single game of the series. Game 1 is slated to start at 8 PM in Denver, Colorado on June 1st. Game 2 will be in Denver on 6/4, Game 3 will send the series to Miami on 6/7, and Game 4 will be in Florida on 6/9. Games 5, 6, and 7, if necessary, will be played in Denver, Miami, and Denver again, respectively. 

“Our bookies have done well every single time we’ve offered the NBA Finals over the years, and we do not expect 2023 to be an exception. This is the kind of series that players are going to want to bet on: a heavy favorite that may not have a pedigree of previous championships against an underdog that simply won’t go away. We expect the NBA Finals to, like it does every year, bring in new players that maybe haven’t bet online before. That makes this series an excellent opportunity for bookies and bettors alike,” said a spokesperson from the IDSCA. 

When bookies set up their online bookmaking site through IDSCA, bookies can choose what they want their lines to be. IDSCA offers a full slate of other games in addition to the NBA Finals during this time as well. 

For more information about betting on the NBA Finals, NBA betting, or to make a press inquiry, contact the IDSCA.



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