Miami, Florida – IDSCA, a pay per head sports site, will have March Madness brackets and betting options available moments after the tournament lineup is announced. Bookies will be able to utilize these with their bettors throughout the tournament. 

On Sunday, March 12th, 2023, the NCAA will release their bracket of all 68 teams that will compete in “March Madness,” the 2023 men’s basketball championship tournament. 

Once that is out, the IDSCA will have those brackets available to their bookies. Bookies will be able to offer those options to their bettors immediately. This includes all of the games in the tournament, from the “First Four,” on March 15 and 16, to the Final Four on April 1st as well as the Championship Game on April 3rd. ‘

Bookies will be able to offer brackets for betting to their bettors. These include the 64 team model, which will be eventually whittled down to one. Additionally, bettors will be able to bet on the individual games as well. 

IDSCA offers bookies options such as to change the betting lines, mobile optimization, and other options. 

“Last year’s March Madness was unlike anything we had ever seen. Our bookies as well as their bettors did tremendously well. You never truly know what’s going to happen in March Madness. Indeed, last year, anyone who bet on Saint Peter’s cleaned up. This year, we’re offering our bookies, and, by extension, their bettors more than ever before. Last year was the best year yet and we look forward to this year being even better,” said a spokesperson from the IDSCA. 

During March Madness, bookies will still be able to offer their bettors all online sportsbook betting options for not just NCAA men’s basketball but also the NBA, NHL, MLB, and other sports. 

For more information about pay per head bookies, betting March Madness, or to make a press inquiry, contact the IDSCA.



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