Stockport, United Kingdom – MCR SEO Limited, a search engine consultancy business that helps businesses and business owners generate more traffic, leads and profit online, has recently released an in-depth article about the impact of AI tools like ChatGPT on the job market in the UK, especially in regards to Tech Jobs, such as SEO writers and copywriters in this sector and if these positions are in less demand than they were a year ago.

Through extensive research and analysing data from the inception of AI content creation algorithms, such as ChatGPT and Bard from late 2022, MCR SEO Limited wanted to produce a comprehensive and detailed article that addressed the increasingly popular question of the impact on AI tools on specific areas in the UK job market, as well as the efficacy of utilising such programs to generate SEO content.

The company hopes that by releasing this honest and thorough article, those in the SEO copywriting sector can better understand the real impact of AI tools on their jobs compared to unsubstantiated opinions expressed on social media or in attention-grabbing news headlines. Additionally, MCR SEO Limited discusses any potential benefits of the AI tools for copywriters and explains the limitations companies can expect if they constrain their SEO content solely to AI content creation algorithms.

Director of MCR SEO Limited, James Crisall, said, “Relying on AI can be dangerous, and search engines have responded to this from an SEO perspective. If your content is generic and less personal, then your search performance can be damaged compared to content that is more personal to the business and the people within it. Content that explains who they are and what they do. This is something that AI applications can struggle to do.”

In the article, MCR SEO Limited also shows AI tools’ influence on other job sectors, such as Payroll services, blog writing and several law services, by making the processes more streamlined, optimised and automated.

While this highlights how artificial tools can be beneficial in some industries, the company states that when it comes to creative sectors, such as copywriting, the current AI created is basic and lacks the humanity needed to evoke emotions from a reader to make copy effective. For example, if a copywriter needs to create copy for a Commercial Cleaning services company that wants to endear itself to the local community, they may opt for a lighter or more informal tone, whereas right now, AI is unable to do this and can only produce copy that is factual and formal.

When it comes to utilising ChatGPT and other AI tools for Copywriting for SEO, MCR SEO Limited instead suggests that copywriters should use the programs to their advantage, “AI is fast. Fast and effective. The content may not be world-class, but it’s a good starting point. Copywriters are limited only be the number of hours in a day. By using systems like ChatGPT, they can create a starting point for their copy within seconds and then simply improve it to fit their style.”

In theory, this approach would potentially save copywriters hours of research, especially if it is for a client in a specific industry that needs exact facts and statistics, such as Car Finance companies. AI can also provide copywriters with enough information if a client lacks knowledge in their area to fulfil the word count in a copy. Furthering this, AI tools could also help writer’s block on difficult, specialist or niche subjects by providing the first 1000 words that can then be edited and improved by an experienced copywriter.

James Crisall adds, “In an ideal world, AI makes our lives easier. This is true for copywriting, as a lot of working hours are used up on making small tweaks that are easy but time-consuming. With help from AI tools, this process can be streamlined, and in turn, the copywriter’s productivity will increase.”

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