Stockport, England – MCR SEO Limited, a search engine Consultancy helping businesses and business owners generate more traffic, leads and profit online, has announced it has noticed a worrying trend regarding its Software escrow clients, which is showing a global trend of business insolvencies across a number of large industries. The SEO company hopes that by highlighting the recent surge, it can help its clients find effective methods to ensure the financial security of their businesses.

The recent surge in commercial insolvencies demonstrated in the UK government’s Insolvency Service Official Statistics show that from 2020, there was a total of 12,631 total registered company insolvencies, which has now increased sharply to 22,121 in 2023, indicating heightened financial stress among businesses.

These trends show the broader economic difficulties that businesses are currently facing in the UK, including the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis. These factors have placed significant financial strain on developers and the software supply chain, leading to heightened risks of bankruptcy.

MCR SEO Limited has seen the impact the economic difficulties have had on its clients, especially in the software resilience sector, with a bounce effect both on Technology Jobs and Recruitment finance, which have also been shown to be associated with the growing trend. The SEO company is endeavouring to support its clients by increasing the content created for each client to engage and attract potential clients more over the coming years.

“We are a Search Engine Consultancy based in Greater Manchester, and we are good at what we do,” said a spokesperson for MCR SEO Limited. “Google ranks us highly, and we can do the same for your business. With our approach, we can guarantee page 1 in Google, increase leads and grow your revenue by outranking your competitors on Google.”

The Manchester SEO specialists invite businesses who want a unique SEO campaign plan that aligns with their specific business goals to contact MCR SEO Limited today to learn more about how its search engine optimisation services can increase leads, sales and revenue.

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