Effective lighting is often the difference between a drab, dingy space and a space that truly shines. Fritz Fryer is a specialist lighting company offering a unique range of bespoke lighting designs to suit any space, whether in a home or in a commercial building. The team’s sought-after designs mainly draw inspiration from the dazzling antique and vintage light fittings and chandeliers that they have restored since the 1980s.

Tips for making bespoke lighting work for you

The team at Fritz Fryer have decades of experience in designing, making, restoring and selling bespoke lighting products, both contemporary and antique. Their top 3 tips for using bespoke lighting to create the perfect space are:

  • Think about the ambiance you wish to achieve
    • You can create the perfect atmosphere in your space by paying attention to details like the finish on your lighting (Fritz Fryer has 4 different finishing styles – polished brass, antique brass, nickel and bronze – to suit whichever vibe you’re going for).
    • Experimenting with colour temperature using LED bulbs can also have a huge effect on the ambience of a space.
  • Familiarise yourself with different types of bespoke lighting to find your perfect style
    • Different people have different tastes when it comes to lighting, and it’s important that you know your likes and dislikes.
    • Do you love cluster chandeliers? How do you feel about staggered pendants? Maybe you’re more of a lantern bar kind of person? Think about which lighting style matches your personality, design aesthetic and furnishings.
  • Consider where to place your custom-made lights for the greatest effect
    • Do you want a drop pendant over your kitchen island? A cluster chandelier over your coffee table? A dome table lamp by your bed?
    • The location of your bespoke lights can have a big impact on the way your rooms look and feel, as well as influencing how you use the space.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the huge selection of bespoke lighting options on hand, or if you’re stuck and can’t quite imagine which lighting will bring your space to life, don’t be afraid to get help from the experts! Fritz Fryer offers a consultancy service with the sole aim of helping clients create their dream bespoke lighting setup. You can chat with the team virtually, and they offer fantastic advice on fixtures, finishes and everything in between to help shape your vision and make it a reality.

Why choose Fritz Fryer?

Fritz Fryer focuses on creating quality lighting solutions for its clients, sourcing British parts wherever possible and advocating for British craftspeople and design. The company also strives to be as ethical and sustainable as possible while lighting up your life. Because the team sources a lot of parts from British businesses, carbon emissions are lower than you might expect. What’s more, they were reusing and recycling before it became mainstream, restoring vintage lights to surpass their former glory. These products are made to last, and with the latest developments in LED bulb technology, the carbon footprint stays low over the entirety of each product’s long lifespan.

Alongside producing premium-quality products, the team at Fritz Fryer also strives to provide an excellent experience to each client, with tailored advice to match their personalised products. Fritz Fryer is a proud member of the Lighting Industry Association, and the whole team works hard every single day to maintain and promote integrity and quality within their industry. If you’re looking for bespoke lighting UK, you’ve come to the right place.

More information

Originally founded in 1982 by Fitz Fryer and his partner Joan Graham, Fritz Fryer is a unique lighting company based in Herefordshire specialising in bespoke and antique lighting. The company was acquired by current owners Karen and Simon in 2004 following Fitz and Graham’s retirement, and has only gone from strength to strength as the years progress. Fritz Fryer also offers professional lighting services including bespoke design, restoration and consultancy services. For more information, or to view their full range of products and services, please visit their website at www.fritzfryer.co.uk.

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About Fritz Fryer

Fritz Fryer Lighting are a close knit team of lighting specialists and designers based in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. Find out here what makes us tick.

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