Your home should be a stylish sanctuary, especially in these times of lockdowns and isolation where you can’t escape staring at the same four walls. You may have found yourself with free time on your hands and used it to revamp your home’s décor and furnishings – but how much have you considered the lighting?

As lighting specialists, Fritz Fryer knows that light fixtures have a powerful influence on a home’s atmosphere. Good lighting can really elevate your interiors, whereas poorly designed lighting can dampen the overall effect of an otherwise well-designed space. One way to ensure your lighting is memorable, beautiful and creative is to install cluster chandeliers in your home.

Standing out for all the right reasons

A cluster chandelier is a highly customisable lighting fixture that consists of several pendant lights which create one larger feature piece. These pendant lights may have any number of shades of varying sizes and shapes, arranged as a dish chandelier, a staggered/staged chandelier or a linear chandelier, and topped off with a range of metal finishes and flex cable colours and lengths. Installing these custom chandeliers can be a creative way to showcase your unique interior design style.

Fritz Fryer specialises in 2 main shade shapes: Hereford globes and Wellington shades. Both are delicately hand-blown and beautiful, and you can choose to have one style or the other, or even mix them together to create your perfect eclectic lighting feature. The shades also come in clear, ribbed, skinny, smoked and white glass varieties, offering further customisation alongside the different shapes, sizes, flex colours, lengths and metal finishes.

Alongside their core selection of lighting options, Fritz Fryer also offer bespoke lighting that you can tailor to suit your home’s interior design. So, if you can’t see one that matches your dream aesthetic on the website, give the team a call and they will help bring your vision to life.

Location is everything

Cluster chandeliers are the perfect lighting feature for a variety of spaces, with a huge choice of styles to complement a wide range of rooms and really make a statement in your home.

Fritz Fryer says that the most popular place in which to feature a staggered/staged cluster chandelier (with pendants set at different heights) is a stairwell – particularly a double-height stairway. This piece will light your staircase from top to bottom, as well as providing an eye-catching feature for you to admire every time you use the stairs. Staggered chandeliers also look beautiful when taking centre stage over a dining room table or in a lofty entrance hall.

Linear cluster chandeliers have pendants hanging in straight lines which can easily be adapted to suit your space. Fritz Fryer advises that this chandelier style would look perfect over a dining table or hanging above a kitchen island.

If linear clusters aren’t quite your style, dish cluster chandeliers (which have pendants hanging at the same height) are another popular option for lighting a dining table or kitchen island. With only one electrical point needed, they offer a practical yet stylish way of introducing a lot of light into the room with minimal fuss.

When considering which cluster chandelier would suit your home best, it’s important to consider the practicalities of your space. You don’t need to have a huge home to enjoy bold lighting designs – even the smallest of cluster chandeliers can make an impressive feature piece in your bedroom or living room. Always bear in mind your ceiling height when buying pendant lights; give yourself enough room to walk freely beneath them or ensure they are situated over tables or islands.

Get in touch with Fritz Fryer today for personalised advice about making your home truly shine.

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