Miami, Florida – IDSCA, a pay per head bookie site, is in the process of finalizing its options for the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. Bookies and bettors alike will be able to utilize IDSCA for the game in Glendale, AZ between the Chiefs and the Eagles. 

Bookies will find that IDSCA offers bets on the final score, the money line, the odds, the over/under, and even many prop bets. While the IDSCA has yet to realize their entire line of prop bets, past years’ prop bets have included betting on the color of the sports drink that is dumped on the winning coach, the winner of the coin toss, whether the winner will receive the opening kickoff or defer, as well as many others. 

Bettors will be able to make those bets and more at individual bookies’ sites, powered through the IDSCA. Additionally, bettors will be able to bet throughout the game as well. As such, betting will not end when kickoff begins. 

“IDSCA has been proud to offer some of the absolute best betting action for so many years for our bookies and their bettors. The truth is that we know how many options there are out there for Super Bowl betting. As such, we do everything in our power to make sure that our bookies have everything they need for the best betting experience possible to offer their players. The biggest game of the year should have the most options of the year. Bookies and bettors will find more ways to bet and win at IDSCA than anywhere else. Last year was an incredible experience for all of our bookies as well as our bettors and we expect nothing less than that from this game. Good luck to bookies and their bettors in the Super Bowl,” said a spokesperson from the IDSCA. 

In addition to NFL betting, the IDSCA online bookie software also offers betting options on college basketball/March Madness, the NBA, the NHL, and more. 

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