Harnessing such entrepreneurial talent in the legal industry can be difficult, especially if that talent is confined within the structure of a traditional law practice. Now more than ever, lawyers are looking at new ways to take control of their legal careers, in environments that can allow them to flourish.

Carbon Law Partners, a pioneer in modern legal platforms have designed a partnership scheme that puts the focus on shared ownership, shared backing and shared success. Dubbed the ‘Flourish’ model, ambitious lawyers can become Carbon Law Partners, and in turn, build their own legal practice. Lawyers are given everything they need, from arranging regulation to managing administration, thus having the freedom to focus on clients, brand, and values.

As one of the early innovators in this space, Carbon Law Partners take great care in who they partner with. Ultimately, it’s down to qualities and values, the desire to build something with capital value, and a commitment to providing clients the best possible service.

Below, we outline the partnership scheme from Carbon Law Partners, and detail how interested individuals can learn more:

Ambitious lawyers are flourishing under a forward-thinking law firm structure

Historically, lawyers may have either deferred from starting their own legal practice due to the complexities it entails or relied on outdated partner models for progression. Let’s not forget, starting on your own can be incredibly complex without the right tools, knowledge and backing, and running a business can be extremely time consuming, making traditional, lopsided models seem less hassle.

However, Carbon Law Partners make it simple for lawyers who want to take the next step and run their own practice. Through becoming a Carbon partner, lawyers work within an established structure and band but have full autonomy to develop their own client base, working practices and range of services.

Lawyers receive administrative, financial, operational, logistical and marketing support, with technology and remote working key to success. However, personal flair is key. While Carbon provides the foundation, it is the lawyers themselves who build and shape their firms to suit their career goals.

Culture and fit are just as important as legal experience

It’s no secret that for consultant lawyers, there are an abundance of options. However, company culture plays a major part in deciding where to grow a legal practice. Carbon Law Partners make culture a genuine focus of their operation, with the understanding that lawyers work to live, and not the other way around.

Understanding, appreciating and embracing ‘Carbon Culture’ is just as important as industry experience for Carbon Law Partners. Retention of the community feeling of a smaller business, ensuring every individual matters, from hub staff to partners to employees is key.

Nobody is a small cog within a big corporate wheel. Individuality is celebrated, and lawyers are encouraged to support and inspire one another in a truly innovative environment.

How to become a partner with Carbon Law Partners

For lawyers who want to start their own legal practice, in an operation that has been innovating the industry since 2014, it all starts with a discussion. Interested individuals should head over to the Carbon Law Partners website and click ‘Join Carbon’ to learn more.


More Information:

Established in 2014 by Michael Burne, Carbon Law Partners was created to provide a platform for lawyers and clients to connect in ways not possible in traditional or consultant solicitor law firms. Carbon Law Partners provides you with everything you need to start your own legal practice. Forget the hassle of running a business and focus on delivering quality legal advice to clients. Whilst you do that, you get to work to the highest quality standards, build a practice with capital value and share in our success as a firm.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/carbon-law-partners-launch-partnership-scheme-enabling-lawyers-to-start-their-own-legal-practice-with-expert-backing/

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