Established in 2014, Carbon Law Partners was designed for experienced lawyers looking to grow their own legal practice in a community of legal consultants and with support from a highly respected law firm.

The legal profession has a legacy reputation for being traditional and formal. A place where there is only one way to the top and the workplace can cause lawyers to burn out. Due to this reason, Carbon Law Partners has released a purpose-driving legal model that’s built on shared values and high standards. This allows lawyers who join the platform to sustainably grow their own profitable legal practice and receive support, advice, and benefits from the Carbon Law Partners community.

Partner at Carbon Law Partners, Shakila Ahmed, states, “I enjoy the flexibility that working with Carbon offers me. It allows me to concentrate first and foremost on my relationships with my clients.”

The Carbon Law Partners Community

The mission statement at Carbon Law Partners is “to create and develop the conditions for exceptional people to flourish.” In order to deliver on this mission, the law firm seeks “exceptional people” to work with them and their clients.

Over the last decade, many lawyers have trusted the Carbon Law Partners platform and joined the community to embark on a lucrative alternative career in the legal industry.

This career change for lawyers gives them the opportunity to receive support with the operation of their law firm; whether that is with arranging regulation to managing administration, Carbon Law Partners ensures that you get the help you need.

Carbon Law Partners is filled with down-to-earth, experienced lawyers who have a strong set of values. They have earned a reputation for looking after their clients, as well as each other.

The law firm believes in making legal advice accessible for businesses and individuals, and those looking for a career change have the convenience of creating capital value in their legal practice and benefit from the Carbon Law Partners stakeholder model.

Carbon Law Partners has several core values that ensure that all those who shape and drive its platform model succeed. These values include:

A Shared Sense Of Pride

Carbon Law Partners have a shared view of how the legal industry might change, and its team of expert lawyers have a strong sense of pride in this vision, along with continually pushing forward the change that needs to happen.

Love What You Do

If you want a career change and desire to become a consultant lawyer, then Carbon Law Partners can offer you an environment that brings out the best in you.

The culture at Carbon Law Partners ensures that its lawyers are enabled to do the best for their clients and have the support to do what they are trained in and love to do.

More Than Technical

Carbon Law Partners is technically excellent but looks for a certain set of qualities within every prospective lawyer looking to join its platform. Some of the qualities the law firm looks for are:

  • Client Obsessed
  • Deliver Results
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Passion for Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Insist on the Highest Standards
  • Collaborate and Earn Trust

By selecting individuals with the same qualities and who share the same purpose, Carbon Law Partners ensure that clients remain at the forefront of its practice.

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