Canada Unlocking specializes in cell phone unlocking services. They are located in Canada, but they have built a reputation for themselves in the USA, UK, and Mexico.  To date, they have unlocked over 70,000 cell phones since 2014. There is a huge demand in America for their services as they have grown enormously, which has led to the opening of a new office in Los Angeles this year.

With already three locations in Ontario, Canada, they are prepared to grow even more. Canada Unlocking helps users with how to unlock your phone with the sim network unlock pin and master code. For example, a SIM network unlocks Pin is easily mistaken as the 4-digit PIN number associated with your SIM card. However, the SIM network unlock Pin is the unlock code to unlock your Network.  It is called the Network Unlock Code, Network Control Key (NCK), Master Unlock code, or SIM network PIN.

According to Canada Unlocking, Android Phones such as the Samsung Galaxy or LG are unlocked by inserting an 8- or 16-digit network Unlock Code. However, Apple iPhone network unlocking is a little more complicated as iPhones are unlocked over-the-air via Apple’s servers.

Canada Unlocking can complete this process, and they explain their iPhone unlock method, which involves the user making sure to sync their iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock process.

When a phone is network locked, it means that the phone will only work with the SIM card that it was initially activated with. This becomes a problem when cell phone owners are traveling abroad and prefer to use a foreign sim card, or when they decide to jump ship and switch to a different network provider who offers a better monthly rate plan.

Canada Unlocking wants you to consider choosing or updating to an unlocked phone as you can use any sim card you want, whenever you want.

Canada Unlocking also provides information and helpful instructions for iCloud lock Bypass. First, the user must sign in to their Apple ID email address and turn on the feature called Find my iPhone under settings -> iCloud.  This is very useful if the person loses their iPhone as they can track it using the Find My iPhone feature on Apple’s website.

Also, if the screen is locked, it can’t be reset without this info. Additionally, If you try to restore the iPhone in iTunes, you will still need the email and password again. This prevents people from re-activating a phone that does not belong to them.

Canada Unlocking also provides a Samsung service, and they provide useful information about Samsung unlocking. Fortunately, you can unlock any Samsung worldwide by IMEI with Canada Unlocking, regardless of the model. So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note, a GT, Tab, an ACE, or any other Samsung model  you can use Canada Unlocking network unlock service by IMEI. You will have you’re mobile free to use on any available network in a matter of hours.

Canada Unlocking offers a range of cell phone unlocking services from iPhone unlocking, iCloud bypass services, to Samsung unlocking, and many more. If you require one of their unlocking services, you can contact them today by phone on 18774544511, or you can email them at [email protected] If you would like more information about Canada Unlocking and their services, you can go online to, where you can browse through all their unlocking services.


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