CanadaUnlocking are leading specialists at unlocking phones for clients in need, and they have nearly a decade of experience and expert knowledge in the field. They offer various professional unlocking services that are capable of removing SIM locks, Network locks, screen passcode locks, iCloud locks, and Google account locks, allowing you to use your cell phone on any compatible network in the world. What’s more, they also provide convenient IMEI check services, technical support and repairs for a wide range of phone models, and comparison tools for managing and calculating savings on monthly phone bills.

CanadaUnlocking was founded in 2011, and ever since then their main mission has been to allow users to take full control of their cell phone from the network providers and phone manufacturers, and to support the user by offering clarity in a chaotic and often overwhelming tech industry. This is why all of their services are transparent and have clear pricing with no hidden fees, unlike the services of some of their competitors.

The benefits of unlocking your phone

There are many reasons to want to unlock your cell phone, as doing so gives you freedom and flexibility you simply don’t have with a locked device. One reason you may want to unlock your cell phone is if you become unhappy with the service that your current network or provider offers and start thinking about switching networks altogether. This is not as straightforward as it first seems, due to the fact that networks want to hold onto their customers for as long as possible. By unlocking your device, you can switch between compatible networks and providers at will, allowing you to find the perfect network that suits you. This freedom also increases the appeal and value of your device if you choose to sell it in future.

Alternatively, you may become frustrated at the expensive roaming charges you face when travelling abroad, whether it’s for work or vacation. Again, switching networks is no easy matter because of the locks placed by providers on cell phones. By unlocking your phone, you get the freedom to use a global SIM card or a SIM card from a local operator wherever you happen to be, allowing you to save money on roaming fees and conveniently contact loved ones back home whenever you wish without having to worry.

Why choose CanadaUnlocking?

Some network carriers will only SIM unlock your phone temporarily for travel or make you buy a special plan. However, when you use CanadaUnlocking’s network unlock service, your phone will be unlocked forever meaning you will no longer have to hunt for Wi-Fi or worry about roaming charges when travelling abroad. What’s more, unlocking your cell phone with CanadaUnlocking is so simple you can do it from the comfort of your own home – a huge bonus during an ongoing global pandemic. CanadaUnlocking is a trusted company who have made thousands of customers happy since going into business, and on rare occasions where they are unable to SIM unlock your phone, they will provide a full refund, guaranteed.

More information

CanadaUnlocking provides reliable and affordable phone unlocking services which allow you to use your cell phone on any compatible network in the world. To discover more about the company or to browse their range of cell-related services, including unlocking and repair services, please head over to their website at If you require one of their unlocking services or have an inquiry, you can contact them by phone on 18774544511, or you can email them at [email protected].


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Founded in 2011, CanadaUnlocking is an Internet-based technology company that provides a wide range of savings solutions for the cell phone industry and the premier unlocking company in the world. Our mission is to support the user by providing clarity…

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