Wagner and Jones offer professional legal services to help clients who are victims of personal injury. With their success in the industry, they never stop helping their clients with the best legal support needed to win their case. They are also knowledgeable in the techniques of the people who are trying to neglect their responsibility to the victims.

PG & E Lawsuit is trying to stagger the massive wave of lawsuits through filing for bankruptcies. The personal injury attorneys will never give up supporting their clients and have a team of expert attorneys that can handle the cases of their clients in the best possible way. They send only the most knowledgeable and competent personal injury lawyers in Fresno that will best represent their clients to win their case.

Wagner & Jones have extensive experience in legal work. They are experts in handling class action cases, personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and employment discrimination as well as other personal injury and employment cases.

They value the rights and freedom of the people who are victims of unpleasant situations and know that suffering from personal injury is a stressful and challenging situation. With this, they have decided to lend their legal support to provide hope and confidence to their valued clients. They never shirk their responsibility because they don’t want to fail their clients who trust them.

Wanger & Jones visit hospitals to personally meet their clients who are victims of personal injury. Their professional attorneys working with respect, care, and professionalism for each of their clients is of utmost importance. They are caring for them as if they are family and checking every detail of their work to avoid mistakes that may dishearten their clients.

The firm understands that a victim of personal injury deserves to have a committed and excellent personal injury attorney Fresno that will fight for them to get the compensation that they deserve. With that, they only send the most competent and skillful lawyers that will help them win their case. Wagner & Jones understand how tragic it is to suffer from a personal injury and the effect it can have on an individual’s financial status and future. With that, they never stop offering their legal support to make the most of their services. They are happy to help clients what they deserve because the achievement of their clients is also an achievement for them. They also offer consistent communication because they want to provide more customized results for their clients.

A more personal approach is used to offer their customers a comfortable and valid legal process, and provide a free consultation, so there is no additional burden to their clients. Wagner & Jones believe that their clients deserve to get quality legal service without sacrificing a significant amount of their money.

Wagner & Jones values the good name of their team and company. With that, they continue to develop the best legal techniques to reach the satisfaction and happiness of their thousands of hopeful clients.


For more information about Wagner & Jones and their services, visit their site at https://wagnerjones.com/ or email them at [email protected]. They can also be contacted through their phone number 559 449 1800.


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Our experienced lawyers have triumphed in numerous Personal Injury and Employment cases for our clients. Through aggressive, professional and clear litigation practices, we will keep you well-informed during all stages of the legal process so you can make informed decisions…

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