Wagner and Jones Fresno, Ca advise you, a personal injury victim, on How to Calculate Your Personal Injury Compensation. They are award-winning lawyers who provide exceptional representation from personal injury law to employment law.

The objective of Wagner and Jones is to protect the rights of personal injury victims and employees in the workplace.

The Fresno Lawyers

The law firm has won numerous personal injury and employment cases in Fresno with its highly effective litigation practices and professional tactics.

The lawyers have represented clients in California, and some of their practice areas include; motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, injuries, wrongful discrimination, and class action cases.

Some of the personal injury cases that they have been involved in are; dog bite accidents, auto accidents, amusement park rides, and defective products. The law firm provides a questionnaire on their site so the lawyers can evaluate your case. It is an initial consultation form in which you include information about the accident, so the lawyers have the information to decide if they can assist you with your case.

Personal injury Compensation

Wagner and Jones state that if you have been injured, then you deserve money for your pain and the lawyers will help you get the money without billing you unless you win your injury lawsuit and receive compensation.

If you have been involved in an accident, Wagner and Jones recommended following these steps; gather any evidence related to the accident, record every detail that happened, ensure you contact the authorities, and receive medical attention for your injuries. The personal injury lawyer’s main line of execution for you receiving the compensation you deserve is based on establishing fault from the other party, and, if you do your part by providing enough evidence.

Wagner and Jones suggest that individuals work out their compensation with a personal injury calculator, even though finding out the exact amount of money that fairly represents your losses is difficult. You can still find out how much your injury claim is worth. You can find a beginner’s guide online to calculate your compensation.

Depending on how you were injured, you will have some damages, and insurance companies refer to these as losses. These are broken down into special damages and general damages. The law firm advises against using insurance companies to calculate your compensation as they want to save money by using computerized calculators.

The best option for any individual is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company before your case ends up in court. As with many cases, insurance companies have offered lower settlements to those without an attorney present.

More information

The personal injury lawyers at Wagner and Jones will perform a comprehensive, no-obligation consultation to evaluate your personal injury claim and determine if you have a case. Also, personal injury lawyers may be able to obtain an accident settlement without going to court.

Contact Wagner and Jones today via email about your personal injury case at [email protected] and a personal injury lawyer from the law firm will get in touch with you promptly, In the meantime, you can calculate your personal injury compensation, as Wagner and Jones want all personal injury victims to receive the compensation that they deserve and ease the suffering.

To find out more about the law firm, their case results, and practice areas, you can go online to https://wagnerjones.com/.

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