PatchMD are one of the top manufacturers of high-quality vitamin supplement patches in America, and their main mission is to help their customers live a healthier lifestyle. They use the very latest topical patch technology to promote health and wellness and enable their customers achieve a healthy, balanced way of living that enriches their life.

PatchMD produce all their products in a hygienic, strictly controlled facility and undergo rigorous quality-assurance checks. They know precisely what goes into each of their products, as all raw materials are thoroughly examined to ensure their purity meets the company’s high expectations. It’s vital that consumers are wary of supplements that contain fillers or problematic ingredients; for example, a lot of supplements contain undesirable additives and fillers like gluten, lactose, and sugar, as well as artificial colors and flavors. However, this is not the case with PatchMD’s supplements, which are gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free. In fact, many of their products are also latex-free, so there should be a patch to suit everyone no matter their allergies or sensitivities.

The many health benefits of garcinia cambogia

PatchMD have recently updated their article on the many health benefits of garcinia cambogia ( to help educate more people about this wonderful fruit. In its natural form, garcinia cambogia, otherwise known as the brindleberry, malabar tamarind, or kudam poli, is a tropical fruit that’s found in Southeast Asia, India, and Africa.

Garcinia cambogia can help you lost weight by increasing serotonin levels in the brain, which supresses your appetite, and it has been found that the hydroxycitric acid that the fruit contains can actually stop the body from producing fat. Garcinia cambogia can also help you to indirectly lose weight by giving you more energy throughout the day; after all, the more energy you have, the more calories you’re likely to burn and the more weight you’ll lose.

Although garcinia cambogia is often marketed as a weight loss supplement, as discussed here, it actually has a lot of other fascinating properties and health benefits as well, like supporting healthy cholesterol levels, reducing oxidative stress, and improving mood – you can read about these benefits and more in the article.

Why use a patch to take health supplements like garcinia cambogia?

So, you know that garcinia cambogia is beneficial to your health – but why take it in the form of a topical patch? Well, patches are one of the best delivery systems for a wide range of health supplements, due to a number of reasons. For one, patches offer convenience in a busy world. A lot of people find it difficult to remember to take supplements in pill or capsule form, and others struggle to take vitamin supplements orally. Vitamin patches are a great solution to these issues.

Applying the patches couldn’t be easier, either. All you have to do is stick them on your skin and forget about them. Plus, getting the correct dosage isn’t a problem when you use a patch because the right dosage is already measured out for you taking all the guesswork out of the equation. What’s more, when you take garcinia cambogia or any other supplement in patch form, you’re less likely to be exposed to fillers or other questionable ingredients that are so often added to pills and capsules to make them taste better. PatchMD’s products only contain basic ingredients that help you reach your health goals, nothing more, nothing less.

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