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PatchMD Are Excited to Bring their Bestselling Vitamin Patches to Amazon

America’s leading vitamin patch specialists, PatchMD, are excited to announce that their bestselling range of supplements is now available to buy on Amazon. Their innovative patches work to supplement your…

September 28, 2020

Vitamin Supplement Specialist PatchMD Updates Report on the Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

PatchMD are one of the top manufacturers of high-quality vitamin supplement patches in America, and their main mission is to help their customers live a healthier lifestyle. They use the…

September 9, 2020

PatchMD Finally add Collagen to their Extensive Product line

PatchMD has just recently added collagen to its product line. PatchMD is very excited about this new addition with their new formulated collagen patch. This is the latest product in…

June 16, 2020

PatchMD Offer an Alternative Solution For one of the best anti-oxidants – Glutathione

PatchMD is offering an alternative solution for one of the best anti-oxidants in the body – Glutathione, which is only bioavailable via an injection. PatchMD aims to provide individuals with…

February 19, 2020

PatchMD Offers Its State Of the Art Topical Patch for Sun Protection

PatchMD offers a new state of the art topical patch called the Sun Away Plus to its extended line of supplement patches. The product is an excellent alternative for sunscreen.…

March 30, 2019
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The founder of PatchMD, along with his team, has over 60 years of combined experience in both the over-the-counter pharmaceutical trade and the medical device products industry.This accomplished team was taken aback when they learned of the effectiveness and the convenience to everyday health offered by Patch technology.In a time when companies are sending their manufacturing abroad PatchMD is proud that all of its products are made in the U.S.A.Our manufacturing facilities in Nevada contain the most current equipment and technology available in the industry.

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