(Brentwood, Missouri) – It takes dedication, hard work, and satisfied customers to become one of the top salons and barbershops in the St. Louis area—and Haven Salon is proud to have established that reputation, and to now offer extended and additional hair services.

Haven Salon now offers top-of-the-line, industry leading hair extensions, applied with the highest level of expertise and care from an award-winning, regionally recognized staff. Every client is treated with personal care and attention because this team of professionals loves what they do—and want every client to feel completely satisfied after every appointment.

At Haven Salon, clients are enveloped in a relaxing environment, surrounding by aromatherapy, music, and expert stylists ready to take any look to the next level. This team of skilled stylists deliver every service with care and expertise to help every client achieve the look they’re seeking—leaving the salon feeling courageous and full of unstoppable confidence. Upon entering the doors of this hair salon, clients are invited to leave the daily stressors of life behind and take in the tranquility of a living plant wall, glorious scents, and calm atmosphere.

Choosing Haven Salon means choosing one of the top St. Louis barbers, offering comprehensive hair services for men and women, including the highest quality, industry leading hair extension services.

For anyone looking for hair extensions in St. Louis and surrounding areas, there is no match for the service and expertise at Haven Salon. Whatever the reason for seeking hair extension service, Haven Salon is ready to help clients make a big change or maintain their current hair style, or makeup look, thanks to kind, dedicated stylists who understand what it means to have beautiful hair.

Every style session begins with a consultation, giving stylists a chance to truly learn about each client and their desires and needs. This inviting, caring environment is perfect for anyone ready for something new—with a full staff of stylists who can help create a sense of confidence and acceptance—turning a scary situation into a wonderful experience.

From basic cuts, trims, and men’s services to bridal parties and special events, Haven Salon is ready to provide luxurious pampering in a tranquil environment, leaving clients feeling beautiful, happy, and refreshed on their big day or any day.


About Haven Salon

Haven Salon believes every person should be kinder to themselves. That’s why they offer a full range of aromatherapy, music, and epic crown massages while clients receive their services—providing an all-encompassing full sensory experience. Every element of each appointment is designed to relax clients and help them reenergize. At Haven Salon, every expert stylist, and staff member use only the best organic and non-toxic products on every client’s hair. When clients visit Haven Salon, there is no limit to how radiant, alive, and irresistible they feel when they walk out the door! Learn more about the wide range of services offered by visiting https://havensalonstl.com/

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About Haven Salon

At Haven Salon, we know that the first step to building an experience that will heal and rejuvenate is to listen.

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